Helplessly Hopeless? by Peter Chamberlin (Psy-Ops)

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by Peter Chamberlin
Sunday, 29 July 2007

For many years, American society has lived under a state of siege. We have constantly been bombarded, every minute of every day, with psychological conditioning that is meant to lead us into a state of hopelessness. We are addicted to the source of this Pavlovian conditioning – television. This medium serves as an extension of the government propaganda apparatus, pumping-up the fear and anxiety levels, until the people become numb, convinced that we are helpless in a roiling sea of great dangers. We are literally being scared to death, so that we will give-up, roll over, and play dead. They want our surrender to be assured before they take the final steps to murder our democratic-Republic.

The people don’t understand that they are the source of all power within this Republic. Our task, as we fight those who seek to force nuclear war against Iran upon us, is to remind the people of their power and their freedom to reject another illegal, immoral war, to be fought on behalf of Israel. We must find ways to overcome the inertia of hopelessness, by replacing it with reasonable hope. It is up to the American people to enforce the common will to avoid this war, by restraining the monsters who push to unleash it. All of the war plans that are being carried out, and those that are yet to be carried out, since the decisive November elections, stand in direct contradiction of that common will. Our Constitutional rights have been violated by the leaders of our government, who have taken oaths to defend that same Constitution. Our only salvation lies in protecting the Constitution from those who seek to destroy it. The path to preserving freedom is spelled-out clearly within its living words. When free people stand together and speak with one voice, then government has no choice, but to listen.

It is illogical, that the majority of American people don’t want to be warned about the coming American economic collapse, or the imminent Muslim genocide that will most assuredly usher the whole calamity in. But logic has nothing to do with it. It is all about fear and denial, with denial being understood as a psychological defense mechanism that that people use to isolate themselves from disturbing conditions. People, who are “in denial,” disavow knowledge of painful realities, in order to reduce anxiety/fear levels, sometimes to the detriment of their own health.

Our government has developed Psychological Operations (PSYOPs), which are based on manipulating populations who are in full-blown denial. In addition to these ongoing programs of conditioning and disseminating disinformation, Internet reports have revealed that the Department of Defense is developing a simulated “Parallel Earth,” to help them to fine-tune their plan. Sentient World Simulation (SWS) bases its AI “thinking” on the psychological theory of “learned hopelessness.”

According to researcher Marlena Plavšic‘, “learned helplessness” refers to the passive acceptance of unpleasant situations, nullifying the natural reactions, which normally cause attempts to escape or to control the situation. “Learned hopelessness” is a state of deep depression, brought on by prolonged immersion in a reality of learned helplessness.

“A person with learned helplessness easily gives in her/his goals if s/he failed few times in achieving them. Such persons show apathy, no motivation, depression and pessimism. The intensity of learned helplessness depends on what a person holds responsible for the helplessness: she herself/he himself or the outside factors…the victims believe they are helpless. Many concentration camp prisoners die of helplessness. They are told and convinced that the environment, i.e. the guards have absolute power over them. Bruno Bettleheim, psychologist and a survived nazi prisoner from the WW II says that that the concentration camp prisoners became ‘walking corpses’ in the moment when they gave up trying to influence what was happening to them.”

The SWS computer simulation allows military leaders to “develop and test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners. By applying theories of economics and human psychology, its developers believe they can predict how individuals and mobs will respond to various stressors.” Homeland Security and the Defense Department are already using it to simulate crises. They try to anticipate how stressed-out populations can be manipulated by increasing the fear and anxiety-induced helplessness, through the introduction of panic-causing events, like earthquakes, tsunamis and terrorist attacks. Sound familiar, to anyone? Sounds like the fear-mongering basis of the whole “war on terror,” doesn’t it?

So, the Dept. of Defense is using computer modeling to learn how to manipulate people, especially the American people, who have been so debilitated by fear that they have become as sheep, “sheeple.” We must assume that the experience amassed by the CIA mind control experiments (that have been revealed in the “Family Jewels”) during the Vietnam war have been assimilated into this research, as well as that gained by their manipulations of democratic elections around the world. This is the latest manifestation of Admiral John Poindexter’s “Total Information Awareness (TIA)” project, which was supposedly terminated by Congress. Two of the most important components of the TIA program were moved to the NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Md. and the Army’s Information Awareness Center at Fort Belvoir, Va., which was also home to the Army’s “Able Danger” program, which identified 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta more than a year before the attacks. The NSA is now at the center of a political firestorm over President Bush’s program to eavesdrop on the phone calls and e-mails of American citizens. Poindexter conceived of TIA in part, because of his frustration over the lack of such powerful tools, when he was national security chief for Reagan.

Here we see another covert op that has been designed by another key player in “Iran/Contra,” just as Ollie North drew-up the first “Continuity Of Government” plans when he worked at FEMA and the “Reg 84 program” of civilian concentration camps that he inadvertently revealed under cross-examination by Congress. Does anyone think it coincidence that names from this secretive group of law-breaking renegades keeps coming up in connection with our darkest hours, or whenever a “black ops” is exposed (or a president needs to be dealt with)? You will read their names whenever you examine the darkest hours of modern history, from the “Bay of Pigs,” to the JFK assassination, to the secret war in Laos, to “Watergate,” to the Iran “hostage rescue” fiasco, to Iran/Contra, to the Monica Lewinski affair ( Linda Tripp)was Richard Secord’s personal secretary and held a GS-16 federal job rating herself), to the secret arms/drugs pipeline that operates from Pakistan to “the Stans.” Wherever the “secret government” rears its ugly head, many of these names will be associated with it. If it wasn’t for the mistakes made by the secret government operatives during the illegal war on Nicaragua and the ensuing political firestorm, we would probably have no idea today of the depth of their penetration into our legitimate government.

So how do we nullify the ongoing plans of the “secret government” to finalize the destruction of democracy in America, that are characterized by the “national emergency” plans, secretive executive orders and law-nullifying “signing statements”? We must first adopt a “holistic approach” to our ongoing efforts to educate the sleeping American majority, whereby we seek to simplify the story, without omitting too many facets of the secret government PSY-OPS that are being deployed against us. We must work to simply the narrative that we will employ to create an awareness of our dilemma, to awaken the sleeping American body politic. Our second task must be to adapt this common narrative to our own understanding of psychological principles, in order to counter the effects of “learned hopelessness.”

The people must be made aware of their own unique power to effect political change, restoring a sense of optimism in our Constitutional government, treating the pandemic of hopelessness with a healthy dose of renewed hope. Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, the author of “Learned Optimism,” claims that “we can choose how we think; about ourselves and our coping strategies, in the first place.” His advice for overcoming pessimism is “not to ruminate about what happened (or in our case, what is about to happen), but to do something pleasurable that will distract the thoughts from the troubles.” Perhaps the sheer pleasure of standing side-by-side with other like-minded Americans, releasing all the repressed feelings and hopelessness in a great expression of resistance to the evil that looms before us would prove cathartic for us all. Standing up to a relentless bully, with others who have also been bullied, often proves to be a healing experience.

We see in the character of George Bush many of the characteristics of “the serial bully.” This has been his “m. o.” throughout all of his foreign and domestic policies, as it was throughout his brutal career as governor of Texas. His bullying tactics, combined with Cheney’s devious scheming have been merged with the psycho/political science of fear-mongering, that has been perfected by the dark forces of the secret government over many years. The concept of “false flag operations” fits in nicely with the demonic form of politics/government practiced by this government.

The pieces are falling into place, so that we may actually be getting very close to constructing an accurate narrative of the past six years. We know that Al Qaida and the CIA shared a long and sordid history. On 9/11 the terrorist attacks were carried out with the help of, as yet, unnamed military experts, and coordinated into ongoing US war games that were simulating the same attacks, at the exact same time. We do know that American air defenses were not called into action to defend Washington and New York, and that during the attacks many unexplained “coincidences” occurred, among them was a coded warning against Air Force One, over top secret channels. The great unknown at this point is the dividing line between our legitimate government and the shadowy secret government, or at least the “CIA within the CIA” that was mentioned during the Iran/contra hearings. According to revelations of Congressman Charlie Wilson (“Charlie Wilson’s War“), one rogue former agent, Ed Wilson, (who is spending the rest of his life in the Pennsylvania State Prison system, for selling explosives to Gaddafi) told Nicaraguan dictator Somoza that he could mobilize a “one-thousand-man army of former CIA operatives…(to) crush the Sandinistas.” Was this rogue network involved in 9/11? If so, were they acting on their own, or were there other traitors involved from within the government itself?

We do know for certain that the attacks and the accompanying campaign of fear were used to capitalize on the imperialistic opportunities provided by them. We know for certain that the illegal aggression against Iraq and the coming nuclear aggression against Iran have nothing to do with retaliation for the attacks and everything to do with seizing the oil and gas fields of central Asia. We also know full well that our weakened national and global economies cannot bear the burden of the hyper-inflation of oil prices that the planned assault on Iran will surely bring with it. Cold indifferent Americans, who could care less that a million or more Iranians and other Muslims are about to be incinerated, will not be able to ignore the personal suffering that will come with the impending mega-crisis, if they are made to see the price tag of economic collapse that will come with it.

Our task is to overcome administration attempts to spread fear and anxiety amongst the people, a key factor in their calculating quest to obtain the ultimate dictatorial powers that they continually strive for. If enough people understood the truth about the unintended consequences of this next illegal war and the mountain of evidence which confirms these charges, then no force on earth could restrain them from taking to the streets, to exercise their first amendment rights to peacefully express their “righteous indignation” at the national travesty that is known as the Bush Administration.


Sentient world: war games on the grandest scale By Mark Baard

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  4. I agree with Anarchy-TV that a computer is like a TV on steroids – or at least that it can be. Television technology is not inherently evil. In fact it has great potential to spread information. The trouble is the information being made available – trivial, controlled, deceptive, etc. The small cabal in charge of what is televised is responsible, not television itself. Yet, we’ve gotten to the point where it is in one’s best interest to unplug the television, and perhaps roll it down a mountain into a spiked pit.

    I don’t think the computer has earned the same fate yet. Our computers have nearly the same potential as TV to spread information, and the process is much more fluid & democratic. Yes, many of us have been tricked into participating in an autonomous cycle of creating & consuming junk-info, and into tricking each other. But I firmly believe that those of us who use the internet to become & remain informed are much more in control of what we consume than those who rely on television or local newspapers. (The disinformation factor is just as present on TV & printed media as on the internet, be it deliberate or truly accidental.)

    How are we to become receptive to a call to action before becoming at least somewhat informed? Can we say that a person toiling away at the library to learn some unpopular history is more virtuous than his web-surfing counterpart? The arguments are cliche, but that doesn’t make them false – with the internet, those aspiring toward awareness have more sources available, more options on how to find what they seek, and more flexibility on why & what to learn about next. In short, the internet is an efficient medium to learn through.

    So again, the medium is not the problem. Remember “guns don’t kill people…”? The problem, in part, is the trend being sold over those mediums to avoid stress, difficulty, thought, responsibility… you name it. Rather than condemn these media, we have the responsibility to co-opt them and use them to spread what we honestly believe to be truth. And this medium has not yet become closed off to such efforts. So keep thinking & writing. And treat the world like a parent who cares – confront anyone & everyone with your truth, disregard who likes you or doesn’t like you (as a result), and never back down from a conversation of substance (debate).

  5. Namiste,

    I hope more Americans wake up and begin to realize what is going on and the complacency is over with. If not they should go and visit their local veterans home and decide for them selves if they think it is alright to have more young men and women to end up here a prison for American veterans to be looked after and supposedly cared for the rest of their lives.

    How many are damaged both physically and mentally?

    Why don’t the president and the Vice President send their own children into Iraq as they defend that war with all of their might? Prove to me how honorable a war it is send in your daughters Mr. President make yourself accountable prove that we need to be there!!!

    Impeach them now!!!! Impeach them now!!!!! Impeach them now!!!!! Impeach them now!!!!!!

    Namiste and peace my friend,


    NOTICE: Due to (U.S.) Presidential Executive Orders, the National
    Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or
    Notice, is in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  6. Isaac, yes, and our govt is well aware of this and is using it on us.

    AnarchyTV, great to see you. I still need to get the right coding to put a link to your site on my favorite websites page.

    Great points. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. I might add that the concept of learned helplessness started with experimenting with dogs by shocking them with an electrically charged floor. a normal dog would jump to another area of the test area. Then a dog was restrained, and forced to withstand a series of charges without the ability to effect its own situation. once it learned it couldn’t change its own situation, the restraints could be removed, the dog shocked again, but still it wouldn’t try to escape the pain. Just a tid-bit I thought I’d share from a class last fall

  8. I think a government initially wants to keep the population endlessly entertained with an ocean of media, as Alex Jones put it, ball games and fluff. People who are conditioned to be expected to be entertained, become passive ‘un-participants’ in life, and lose their ability to take action in the real world and create change.

    Unfortunatly, we’ve fallen so into the trap, esp. with the endless see of media on the internet, that most people have created an ‘entertainment loop’ where they are making the videos, and the population is ‘entertaining’ itself. How sweet is that, from a government perspective, to have a whole population glued constantly to their pseduo interactive computer monitors, and not out in the streets demonstrating, or running for office, or arguing against corporate olgiarchy?

    The solution, is, to turn it off. Turn off your computer, it a television on steroids. Most people would never fathom sitting for six hours straight in front of a tv, but they sit in front a computer for that long and longer without a second thought, and with it only inches from their face, rather than feet. Once you swear off computers, wow, life opens up to you. You regain your control and influence over reality, and begin acting in reality.

    As the article states, you are conditioned from birth to feel helpless. If you cry, a bottle is stuck in your mouth to shut you up. In classrooms for twelve years, the dominate teaching method is the teacher speaking, and the students listening, and participation is very unspontaneous and controlled through the raising of hands, and the delegation of homework. There is absolutely nothing democratic about a classroom. Children are not paid for their labor, and are conditioned into a form of coerced imprisonment, and to accept slavery in the form of coerced labor… work… or homework… for which they receive no compensation for, and which freqently can be pointless. Pointless like military orders can be pointless, which are suicidal, and yet still you must follow through or face disciplinary actions, even if it is a detriment to your life and time. As such, teachers become ‘tools’ of the state.

    Helplessness if further drilled into the population, by shows such as ‘Cops’ and other programs, which show police action, and only situations in which the outcome is favorable for the police, and there is no ineptitude, brutality, or corruption. The story is one sided, and people are painted as criminals, and you are conditioned to understand you had better surrender without a fight or you will be beaten and bludgeoned.

    Laws are passed to internalize control over you through decree and fear. Laws are passed not by a consensus of the majority… indeed, the majority, or very little of the population, has ever had any opportunity to vote on any of the laws they live under, but by a small group of individuals operating usually very far away in a room inaccessible to the public. Further, many of the laws on the books have been passed by individuals long since dead, so what we have today is a society living under the rule of the dead.

    All of these laws have never been signed by the people upon who they are applied, and as such, are non-binding contracts. Citizenship is forced rather than bestowed upon you at birth, in some sort of farcial construct or organization of the state, without your agreement. You never agreed to become a citizen of the country in which you lived, nor have you ever agreed to abide by its laws, nor have you ever had any direct say so in the creation or passing of those laws. Further, until you are 18, you are virtually the property of your parents, in the same way a slave was property of their master.

    You have no vote or say so up until that point in the rules under which you must live, you are disenfranchised, and you are herded against your will early every morning before the sun even comes up, to compulsorary education, which you have never conciously agreed to and in many cases, can not opt out of.

    All these tactical things, and more, condition a population into a perpetual condition of passive absorbtion of information, and helplessness. Only after so many perceived wrongs and injustices, does some spark or fire ignite, that empowers a person to become an activist and fight for his own empowerment and true liberty.

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