Every child left behind? By Rick Perlstein

Dandelion Salad

By Rick Perlstein

The part that worries me most about the Foreclosing of America’s new home abandonment phenomenon is the effect on our schools. American public schools are largely financed by local property taxes. That’s bad enough on its own—one of the most savage inequalities in the entire system: it means that if you can’t afford to buy into a nice neighborhood, your child’s “equality of opportunity” gets strafed. Now, a spiral unto apocalypse: what happens to the school systems in communities where the net assessed values of the homes has tanked?

Is anyone in Washington prepared to do something about this? Anyone?

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One thought on “Every child left behind? By Rick Perlstein

  1. Personally, I think our foreclosure situation is far more serious in other areas……..but this was obvious years ago…you don’t use the equity in your home for a checking account…..interesting too that all those LOW interest rates where going on during the lead up to and after the war…..hhmm ….t

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