Impeachment as Political Solution to Iraq War By James Rothenberg

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By James Rothenberg
07/31/07 “ICH

It has become cliché to say that this Iraq war cannot be won militarily. Equally comfortable with this admission are hawks who would turn on a dime if they thought the insurgency was capable of collapsing, and doves whose primary objection to the war is its “mismanagement”.

Trouble is it never really was a war because there was no opposing side. What was there was known to be easy picking – minimally armed and quickly demoralized. Mischaracterizing it as a war appears to give credibility to certain concepts such as self-defense (none was needed), appears to justify curtailment of civil liberties (what are they worth if they can be taken away anyhow?), and appears to give meaning to concepts such as winning and losing (you don’t win something you couldn’t lose).

Extending the train of thought from the mentioned cliché, that the war cannot be won militarily, the war is now said to require a “political solution”. Improperly framing Iraq as a war benefits those responsible for it and obscures the clearest path to a saner future. If instead Iraq was framed as the armed assault that it was (billed as “Shock and Awe”), there is a logical, expedient political solution at our disposal – impeachment.

A political solution will have to envelope a perspective greater than that bounded by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Americans may not be fully convinced of the illegality and immorality of our invasion but the rest of the world, especially the affected, is overwhelmingly so. It is unrealistic to think that the very government that displays such unbridled hostility to Iraq, Iran, and Syria can somehow be accepted as a legitimate interlocutor. In foreign eyes, we cannot be trusted to come up with any solution that will ameliorate the deep-seated animosity toward us that was generated by our use of force, and our continuing menace of more force.

A just solution won’t come without a cleansing and we are fortunate to have one handy. Impeachment will tell a story about how and why we started an aggression. It will contain sub-plots about indefinite detention and torture and the means of repression here at home, including the suppression of dissent.

This story will make us better off for the telling. It is the surest way to win the “hearts and minds” of those our present government treats as if they had no hearts and minds at all. If we are willing to impeach our president and vice president, we are willing to admit that our country has done wrong. Admit this and forget the rest.

James Rothenberg –

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One thought on “Impeachment as Political Solution to Iraq War By James Rothenberg


    usa army and the usa govt not having the good record for tell iraq war truth.

    now all world learn not believing unless the concreting. now each story from usa control media so suspicion.

    remember please, no such thing as left press or the right press in usa, all him corporate media-cooperate with start war never to ask questioning. clear channel, sinclair, see google: mighty wurlitzer +cia

    This the logical: usa govt and media lying about iraq war since begin. when multiple media source simultaneous story this can showing organize brain chip implant techniqeal.

    everywhere in usa now control media say: usa win now, usa win now. Mullah cimoc think this the propaganda technical use for control usa people and try make democrat party look stupid. and work good too, for few day.

    BIG QUESTION: what him guerilla fighter historical do when “surge” coming, for example chinese guerillas army mao tse tung against japonese occupier? A: him guerilla go swim in ocean, wait for occupier army use all energy to run to and fro … then the exhaustion, and so hot and then stagger, finally barracuda coming. am usa army stretch thin now or this usa disinfo warfare lie for deceing muslim, make have false hoping.

    usa people needing the kindness, not the cruel and the torture. not the slave for master in tel aviv. not to beleive usa control media so lying and wicked.

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