Seek Justice Against Chiquita by Kyle de Beausse

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by Kyle de Beausse
Immigration Orange

I’ve reached the next modest benchmark in my campaign to raise awareness about Chiquita. 20 blogs have educated their readers about Chiquita pleading guilty to paying almost $2 million to recognized terrorists groups in Colombia. I would like to use this opportunity to make a humble plea for help, and put forth a passionate defense about why this cause is the right one to take on.

It was an article in the Christian Science Monitor that inspired me to act. This article made clear that Chiquita was not only paying protection payments, but it might have actually been providing actual physical support by transporting over 3,000 assault rifles. It also made the human costs of funding paramilitary organizations very clear to me. Since reading this article I have become even more convinced of the necessity to raise awareness about this injustice and take action.

I’m not going to play any games in this post. The primary reason I think it is important to act on this is because I believe this case illustrates global inequity more than any other. This inequity that is not only tacitly accepted, but is actively enforced by the governments of our nations. The citizens of different nations are not born equal and I believe this campaign has the potential to bring this reality to light and inspire people to do something about it.


9 thoughts on “Seek Justice Against Chiquita by Kyle de Beausse

  1. Congrats for the expose such a Killer US company, even if only vicariously, until proven guilty beyond any doubt. In my book, UFC, aka, Chiquita or any of its peels, to paraphrase, is a guilty beyond antreasonable doubt, as any of the Death Squads, the paramilitary killers of yore or any other killers they have employed. I’v seen, i grew up in C.A. and only now I know I’ve lived inside the innard of a monster – corporate america and its corrupted governments for generations; from IKE and many others, before and after, who we revered for many years. I only hope some a grand-final judgement brings assessins, from American embassadors to turn their cheeks the other way for a hefty bribe to all others involved up to this date…!

    You can publish this as needed. I spread your blog with Colombians, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Costarican….all from nations who have seen violent death on the wolf-cry of communism diguised by american corporation like United Fruit Co. now Chiquita Bananas…..

    And justice will fall upon the heads and children…and country of honey milk will pass….in misery lie other nations..!

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