The Rewards of Rape: Rich Bounty for a Bush Partner in Torture by Chris Floyd (over 18 only)

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Written by Chris Floyd
Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Our text for today is from the Guardian: Freed doctor describes torture ordeal inside Libyan jail.

The Palestinian doctor who was held in Libyan custody along with five Bulgarian nurses on charges they infected hundreds of children with HIV, has described in detail how they were tortured during their eight-year ordeal. Ashraf Alhajouj, 38, said he was beaten, held in cages with police dogs and given electric shocks, including to his private parts. He said that he and the nurses were sometimes put together naked in the same room and tortured.

All the world knows that one of the great fruits of the Bush Administration’s compassionate intervention in Iraq has been the return of long-outcast Libya to the community of nations. As we have been told by our Wise Molders of conventional wisdom, Libyan leader Muammar Gadafy was so shocked and awed by the righteous might of the Anglo-American mission of mercy in Iraq that he shed salt tears of repentance for his past waywardness and vowed to sin no more. He gave up his “arsenal of weapons of mass destruction,” as the Molders put it, and has thrown open his doors to the compassionate intervention of Western business interests, particularly the benevolent lords of the oil companies, now returning to the sumptuous fields from which younger and more foolish Gadafy expelled them decades ago. In recognition of his new, more mature stance, Gadafy has been showered with accolades by Western leaders, particularly Tony Blair, who used some of his last precious days in power to visit his “trusted friend” Muammar and, just by the way, seal a $900 million oil deal for BP.


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