Kucinich Questions Rumsfeld on Tillman Cover-Up (video)

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The Job that Dennis Kucinich did during the Pat Tillman case was admirable. He has heart and he has conscience.

In this video Dennis Kucinich is questioning Donald Rumsfeld.
Dennis Kucinich asks whether their was “press strategy” from either the White House or the Pentagon.

I enjoy that Dennis Kucinich didn’t allow the meeting to get down to the level that Rumsfeld tried to take this.
When Rumsfeld got all defensive saying HE personally was not involved or had any knowledge of……I like that Dennis Kucinich recognized Rumsfeld trying to “personalize it”
This is a tactic to shift sympathy to Rumsfeld from the public watching but it is a tactic. I very successful tactic. You can see in employed if you look for it…..

Dennis Kucinich knows about the Suppression Techniques applied by the Agencies/Departments at the time of this hearing that was not public knowledge only a theory on how information was being held back and perverted by this administration to put on an illusion.

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  2. Don’t forget Tillman’s brother was there the day it happened and he saw his brothers wounds and he knew right away something was not right- His other brother, Richard Tillman called BS at the funeral while speaking at Pat’s funeral, regarding all the crap the military was feeding his family- I wish I could find the video- Does anyone have it?

    Is it a cover-up, sound like it-

  3. Will the truth be out before we’ve been completely Bankrupt, more than Now?
    Defeat Consumerism the Engine & Enabler of Debt.
    Strike 9-11-07, use the ”Power of the Purse”.

  4. The strategy of claiming total incompetence and ignorance. I’d like to bitch slap a few answers out of the lying sack of shit. I am amazed at how Dennis’ kept his cool. He started getting a little hot, but I would have been steaming.

    Dennis Kucinich 2008!!!!!

    peace -Lloyd

  5. Dennis Kucinich goes at Rumsfield hard and gets nowhere, unless America wakes up from a deep sleep and understands finally that a free press , is the only hope for our nation. So often I have said, where is the press from the seventies….muffled beginning with the gulf war. These tyrants know what they are doing. Cheryl

  6. Hahaha so much for “he looks like a kindly eyed farmer, not a tough guy”. Kucinich has more na-na’s than all of the GOP and half the Democratic Congress put together. Watching Rumsfeld’s body language as he flails around spewing his deceitful Gonzales-isms is beautiful to see – and he has a right to be nervous!

    Of COURSE DoD has a press strategy for the war in Iraq – as they have with every war for decades. One of the intelligence community’s WELL KNOWN primary responsibilities is to ensure that news from the battlefield is filtered and released in a manner such that it will not aid and abet the enemy. The answer to the question Kucinich was asking IS and MUST BE “YES”.

    However in this case, we’re talking about the same intel community that is responsible for trying to spin-doctor Jessica Lynch’s story, cover up Abu Ghraib, target combat journalists who aren’t playing the game for assassination and intimidation, out covert CIA agent Valerie Plame because her husband wouldn’t play the game, minimize available information about the use and outsourcing of torture, and minimize available information about the use of contracted mercenaries to get around having to operate within American and international law.

    As Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld would HAVE to be aware of, approve, and ultimately be responsible for all filtering/censorship actions taken by the military intelligence community on his watch. HE IS A WAR CRIMINAL, and Kucinich has him COLD.

  7. go dennis! still, the solution to our problems is the destruction of the machine utterly and completely, not simply the re-arranging of its various parts.


  8. Namiste,

    They none of them have much of a memory of anything to do with what had happened to the American football player and American hero CPL. Pat Tillman.

    I have gained a real respect for Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and have decided to donate what I can afford to his campaign as I think he best represents my views on almost all issues.

    Peace and Namiste to you all my friends. So far I am really impressed by Mr. Dennis Kucinich.


    NOTICE: Due to (U.S.) Presidential Executive Orders, the National
    Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or
    Notice, is in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  9. Dennis is obviously onto something here. Rummy moves his pieces around the board well. But he knows, and Dennis knows he knows.

    Forgive me but what the fuck is going on behind him? I think I glimpsed a parade of giants with Down’s syndrome having a fucking spelling bee/ring toss.

    Sheezus! This man is a Representative running for President and he’s on camera in chamber interrogating a war criminal, while behind him the goddamn circus leaves town.

  10. Way to go Dennis. Now everyone should be in an agreement that Donald Rumsfeld is the BIGGEST LIAR! Like he doesn’t know what’s going on within the White House. Give me a freakin break! If you believe that crap then you are really stupid (to put it nice).

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