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This video contains images depicting the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

Ilan Pappe
1 hr 27 min 59 sec – Jul 12, 2007

Israeli historian Ilan Pappe describes the period around the declaration of Israel’s independence as one during which the indigenous Palestinian population was ethnically cleansed from the land when they were forced from their homes or fled in terror after hearing news of rapes and massacres at other villages. Today, the situation is not much better for the Palestinians under Israeli rule. “To make things so difficult for the Palestinians so that anyone who wants a normal life will leave.”



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  9. If this film doesn’t change minds, nothing will except the experience itself of being there and living the horror of this unspeakable victim/perpetrator cycle of violence that afflicts our world. This particular cycle of atrocity began with European persecution, and Russian pogrom. Should we not be asking ourselves why “holy christendom” saw fit to institutionalise this pathological deviance in the first place? What was the root of this corruption? Religious imposture and imperial deceit perchance? Follow the money, map that road, and it doesn’t take great genius to figure out just to where and to what it all leads back …predicting the past is really pretty easy, especially since it’s mostly about mistakes, desperation, blood and pain ~ what’s next is always more complex. We’ll need a far more reliable Delphic oracle to divine the meaning of the Future, in future.
    The problem for the Zionist movement is it cannot stop,for if it does it must be accountable. This is the interminable dilemma.

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  25. Hi Albert, sorry that Google has removed this video, that’s why it’s not working here.

    I kind of thought that may be the case when I posted it so I put “watch while available” in the title.

    I’ve found another copy. Watch it soon.

    And thanks for letting me know. 🙂

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