Tillman Hearing: Rumsfeld (videos)

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August 1, 2007, Congressional Hearing of the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman, who died due to friendly fire. However, the family of the fallen soldier and the American people were not told this information until a month after. In this clip, Rumsfeld apologizes for the situation being poorly handled.


Olbermann: Rumsfeld to Testify on Pat Tillman Cover-up Today + Sorry That’s Classified & Other Lame Excuses (video)

Tillman’s Revenge by Allen L. Roland

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  2. He was fragged. It’s so obvious. They burned his uniform. His personal journal magically disappeared. Three rounds in the head at close range. Messing around with the autopsy. Pulling a Silver Star out of their asses. If all of these are not sufficient to show that there was a coverup, the frantic PR scrambling of the Bush administration as fact after fact comes to light concerning the death of Pat Tillman is itself the smoking gun.

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