Red State Update: Fightin’ Joe Biden (music video)

Dandelion Salad

Jackie and Dunlap finish the fight Biden started… music style!

directed by Brad Jones
produced by Nick Plotquin
music by William Sherry Jr.
vocals produced by Augy Plotquin

starrin’ Mandi, Blake, and our new Harry Potter buddy Diana!

Jackie & Dunlap’s CNN YouTube Debate Commentary Track

Police may be given power to take DNA samples in the street by Alan Travis (UK)

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Alan Travis, home affairs editor
Thursday August 2, 2007
The Guardian

The Home Office is considering giving the police the power to take a DNA sample on the street, without taking the suspect to a police station, as well as taking samples from suspects in relatively minor offences such as littering, speeding or not wearing a seat belt.

The move comes as an official genetics watchdog prepares a public inquiry into the police national DNA database, following concern over the retention of samples from people acquitted of any offence, and disclosure that the database holds DNA records for one in three of British black males.The database is the largest in the world, with 3.4m profiles, more than 5% of the UK population. If the powers are granted, it would expand massively.


h/t: ICH

Skating towards a police state…

Escape from Suburbia: A Documentary Review By Carolyn Baker + Holloway: Escape from Suburbia (videos; trailers)

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By Carolyn Baker
Speaking Truth to Power
Thursday, 02 August 2007

Sit still and listen
For you are drunk, and
We are at the edge of the roof…

We must cease investing our emotional energy and condition in the events of civilization. It is diseased to the core. We must realize the “dear thing” cannot be saved, even with major surgery.
–William Kotke, The Final Empire, The Collapse Of Civilization

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