Gunga Din Takes a Vacation by Stephen P. Pizzo

Dandelion Salad

by Stephen P. Pizzo
Atlantic Free Press
Friday, 03 August 2007

You may talk o’ gin an’ beer
When you’re quartered safe out ‘ere,
An’ you’re sent to penny-fights an’ Aldershot it;

But if it comes to slaughter
You will do your work on water,
An’ you’ll lick the bloomin’ boots of ‘im that’s got it.

Sure, you turn the lights out if you’re going away on vacation for a month. But the Iraqi parliament apparently went a step further when they left for a month away from away from the troubles in Baghdad – they turned off the water too.

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Much of the Iraqi capital was without running water Thursday and had been for at least 24 hours, compounding the misery in a war zone and the blistering heat at the height of summer…Residents and local officials said large sections of the city had been virtually dry for six days because the electricity grid can’t provide enough power to run water purification and pumping stations. (Full story)

Oh, and did I mention it’s 117 degrees in Baghdad this week? Of course, it is a dry heat…. which is one of those good news, bad news facts. This year it’s extra dry heat. Here’s an inconvenient fact – it’s drier in Baghdad this August than it was five Augusts ago when Saddam the Sadist ran the place. Back then, (before the Iraqis were liberated,) they had water every day. They also had electricity at least 18 hours every day.

Today Iraqis consider themselves lucky if they get 2-hours of juice a day.

That was before August 1. Now it’s down to an hour of electricity a day, and no water. Not a drop. Not for even a minute a day.

And did I mention it’s 117 degrees there now? So hot that even the pampered members of Iraq’s useless-as-tits-on-a-boar parliament skipped town for the month.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, the US Congress is about to bug out for a month as well. And you can be sure President Bush will be flying air-condition Air Force One, well-stocked with bottled water, to Texas for his annual Crawford ranch vacation as well.

At least the Iraqi parliament had an excuse most of us can at least understand, if not approve of – it’s hotter than billy-blue blazes in Iraq in August, and they’re tired of dodging hourly assassination attempts.

What’s Washington’s excuse for skipping town?

Simple.. in a word their excuse is … “Petraeus.”

Democrat or Republican, just ask them what the hell they’re waiting for before calling an end to Bush’s Vietnam and, to a person, they’ll chirp “General Petraeus.” They’ll explain that they understand you are hearing a lot of bad news about what’s going on in Iraq, but that such “anecdotal” reports are not useful. They are waiting to hear the real deal from our man on the ground there, General David Petraeus, when he reports to Congress in September.

Well, should you run into one your elected reps during, what we can assume will be their cool and well-hydrated August vacation, you might mention that, unless the 8-million severely under-hydrated folks in Baghdad are lying about their current “living” conditions, we don’t need to wait for General Petraeus’ report. We already know enough to know that that the US’s misadventure in Iraq has failed.

And now we learn that we’ve even failed as Baghdad’s Gunga Din. After four years, $600 billion dollars, 3700 dead US soldiers and who knows how many tens of thousands of dead Iraqis, we/they can’t even provide the hot, thirsty, and increasingly dirty, Baghdadians the most abundant resource on earth… water.

So it’s a 117 degrees in Baghdad, and the public water system is dry as a bone.

Let’s repeat that until it sinks in:

It’s 117 degrees in Baghdad and there’s no water.

It’s 117 degrees in Baghdad and there’s no water.

What could General Petreaus possibly tell us in September that would mitigate, explain or justify that single fact? What could he possibly report that would convince congress and the American people that 136,000 US troops and half a trillion dollars of our treasure have produced, or can produce, positive results for Iraq or the Iraqi people when one month before his testimony it’s 117 degrees in Baghdad and there’s no water service in that nation’s capitol city?

How can he explain away an elected Iraqi parliament that leaves it’s own people in such dire – life threatening – conditions to go on vacation for a month? A parliament that since it was elected has produced not a single piece of useful legislation. A parliament whose members, family, friends and militias have stolen more US aid money than they’ve invested into their nation’s infrastructure. How do you think they’re paying for those vacations aboard – trips they try to disguise as official business or for medical treatment. Even when the Iraqi parliament has not declared a mass vacation, up to half of them don’t show up for work because they are off gallivanting the globe.

“More than half the members of parliament, ministers and senior officials are on vacation, sick leave or on official assignment abroad” at any given time, a government official said on condition of anonymity. “It is common practice now that they spend more time abroad than in their offices. The main reason is their fear of being targeted inside the country.” (Full Story)

So if you are unlucky enough to run into one of our vacationing members of Congress this August, here’s all you have to do. Walk right up to them and, when they reach out to shake your hand, grab and don’t let go. Look them right in the face and recite the following:

“It’s 117 degrees in Baghdad and there’s no water.

It’s 117 degrees in Baghdad and there’s no water.

It’s 117 degrees in Baghdad and there’s no water.

What the holy hell are you waiting for?”

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6 thoughts on “Gunga Din Takes a Vacation by Stephen P. Pizzo

  1. Sorry that your admonishment of me was so repetitive, save a lot of time, just to call me what you think, a COWARD. Although, if you feel an act, law, rule, or decree will protect you from attack that’s Ok. You must to protect yourself, Second Amendment, remember “savages”.
    Sorry my vehicle is not worthy, to be allowed on your roads, won’t pass smog, so I’ll be walking slowly.
    Want to be “good guy’s”, stop meddling in, and overthrowing governments that you(us) don’t like. Control the C.I.A., and instead of regime changes, how about Intelligence gathering for a change?
    The World is a lot bigger, just hot air, same size, same people. War begets War.
    If you know who the “them” are, please tell the president, he thinks it’s me. It’s Not True.
    We’ve broken a lot of stuff before, and did not re-build or re-place it, so what is so important in Iraq, besides OIL? Should you visit the $600,000,000.00 Haliburton Place in Baghdad, take a pic, send a pic, want to see ”our” money.
    Water is necessary for survival, and military commander’s know that(including the President), so why don’t they turn the water back on ? Ever heard of the Palestinians, their service is cut all the time, it’s called Control. The plan was to cut off the supplies, and increase the combatant’s there, so the War goes on, and on, and on,……
    Eileen, when the government starts rounding up citizen’s(your neighbor’s) will you question the motive, or will you accept the planned rhetoric?
    Praise the public education system for my great spelling, and grammar content. Almost got out of school before they found out I’m Illiterate.
    By the way, I went in the time of need, and for another problem started by “our” government, lost some friend’s, lost the war, gained nothing for almost thirty years. See you can leave, and they don’t follow you home.
    No I don’t live in N.O.L.A., but some of my fellow citizens do, by the way, the poor people are still missing. The Bridge is still down, and missing unaccounted for, and the Pentagon received another Half a Trillion Tax Dollars today.
    Peace will Expose the Beast for what it is, a”Cruel & Unusual Creature”, Final Solution ?
    Strike 9-11-07, pay only Respect to all the victim’s

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  3. “I’m sorry, but rebuilding Iraq is not as important as Maintaing America, and protecting her citizen’s.”

    All right sweetheart, I am going to get fifteen different kinds of sergeant on your pathetic, selfish, worthless, kneejerk patriot ass. FUCK YOU. Fuck you swinging, sideways, and upside down, you whoreson. Fuck fucking you, you selfish piece of shit. Fuck you and the monster truck you rode in on.

    We used to be the good guys, remember? Well wake up sunshine, WE’RE NOT ANYMORE. The world is a lot bigger than your tunnelvision, head-up-ass version of “US and them”.


    Cutting off water to a major city in the heat of August does not just affect combatants and enemy forces. It affects civilians. It affects people in the country who might have been willing to be friendly and work with America. It affects women and children.

    I want you to think of THIS possibility: that IT COULD BE YOU going without water next, because this administration doesn’t care who it messes over so long as they are taking care of their own – and if you still think you, the American citizen, are one of their own, then you really ARE as stupid as your grammar and spelling makes you look. I can guess that where ever it is that you live, it probably isn’t New Orleans, honey.

  4. I, thunk, we dun screw’d up ?
    Sometimes you must lick you’re wounds, and regroup. Definitely no mission accomplished, and by the way, a bridge fell down.
    Don’t ya undrestand, that if this fails here, doesn’t matter what you’ve done there, it will fail too ?
    I’m sorry, but rebuilding Iraq is not as important as Maintaing America, and protecting her citizen’s.

    Citizen’s just think of the America that could of been. How about even a plentiful safe food and water system, product safety inspections, border control ? A little accountability would be nice also.

    Perhaps an Educated populace, money for higher education, so tutition’s are lowered . Maybe an investment into a Bio-Deisel vehicle, powered by Hemp ? Think of that possibility ?

  5. It’s a military strategy, of course. It’s vicious, it’s brutal and cruel, but what about the strategies employed by the Bush administration aren’t?

    They’re forcing everyone to take their vacation with them. They’re trying to clear out Baghdad. Civilians AND insurgents will leave the area because the living conditions simply aren’t tolerable. They will go elsewhere, while the troops which occupy Iraq live in relative safety and comfort. Casualties will decrease.

    Then after a month of baking the mostly unoccupied city, Petraeus will report back to Congress the half-truth that “Baghdad is stable”, and his supposed success will encourage pro-war people stateside to continue support for this outrageous abomination.

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