A Nail in Maliki Government’s Coffin? By Ali al-Fadhily

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By Ali al-Fadhily*
Inter Press Service
August 03, 2007

BAGHDAD, Aug 3 (IPS) – The recent resignations of Iraq’s Army Chief of Staff and several of his council military leaders underscore a continuing decomposition of Iraq’s U.S.-backed government.

Everybody in Iraq — politicians, political analysts, poets, scientists, porters – seems to agree that the U.S.-backed Iraqi government headed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is a total failure.

Security, basic services, and all measurable levels of Iraq’s infrastructure are worse now than under the rule of Saddam Hussein. Nevertheless, the U.S., Britain and Iran all continue to support this government.

“Politicians in this country are the best at serving their personal interests, and that is what has kept al-Maliki in power,” Amjad Hussein, an Iraqi journalist in Baghdad told IPS. “Wherever I go in Iraq, people complain of the very bad living conditions caused by the wrong policies of this government. Even those who voted for the (Shia) Iraqi coalition bite their fingers in regret for the support they gave to this group of people who have led the country into darkness.”


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One thought on “A Nail in Maliki Government’s Coffin? By Ali al-Fadhily

  1. Namiste,

    When was their first clue? When they realized that over 1 million weapons have disappeared and are being used against the Americans or when the part where we have been there for 6 and ½ years and were still there is the same position that they were in from the very beginning. It is really piss poor planning on some one whom is supposedly in charge to hasn’t even gotten his act together enough to have a mission statement workable and up and running in 6 and ½ years to do it in and it still isn’t done. It still isn’t complete and the supposed terrorist that supposedly did the terrorist acts in the first place still isn’t caught supposedly. Who is the real criminal here? Who is the planner? Who is it that makes sure the things are supposed to be done have been done? Why are our troops still in Iraq?

    Who is more clueless the Iraqi people or government or our president and our government or just us plain ole dumb Americans like me? I have no clue!!!

    Namiste and peace my friends,


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