Constant Craven: Democrats Go Belly-Up Again by Chris Floyd

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Written by Chris Floyd
Empire Burlesque
Sunday, 05 August 2007


I had it in mind to write an angry piece denouncing the Congressional Democrats for their latest sell-out to the Bush Tyranny, legitimizing a warrantless spy program so blatantly illegal that not even the rubber-stamps of the super-secret FISA court could stomach it. But upon reflection, I don’t see any point in yet another thunderous blast at these moral cretins masquerading as political leaders.

I’ve written many such pieces during the past six years, chronicling and condemning the Democrats’ spineless acquiescence and outright complicity with the Bush gang’s relentless assault on the laws and liberties of the American republic. Their active participation in the Bushist coup has become glaringly evident in the months since the Democrats took control of Congress; despite having the initial backing of the majority of Americans, despite facing one of the most widely despised presidents in American history, they have retreated on every issue of substance. They have not only not stopped the Iraq War, they have funded its escalation. (This is their greatest crime – and it is, literally and legally, complicity in a criminal act – and will light them down in dishonor to the latest generation, to borrow Lincoln’s phrase.) They have not rolled back or repealed the authoritarian excesses of the Administration approved by the bootlicking cadres of the previous, Republican-controlled Congress (such as the Military Commissions Act), but have let them continue unabated. They have not instigated the impeachment of a constitutional officer, the attorney general, who has lied to their faces about a plethora of illegal activities.

In six months’ time, they will renew this latest tranche of dictatorial powers; with an election looming, the political fear of looking “soft on terrorism” will be even greater then than it is now, as the White House knew full well when it “compromised” on the “temporary” nature of the measure. This fall, these same Democrats will doubtless acquiesce in an extension of the “surge” after a “frank, hard-hitting but ultimately hopeful” progress report from General Petraeus. When Bush decides to pull the trigger on Iran, they will dutifully line up behind the “Commander-in-Chief.” Indeed, if the increasing Republican chatter about (and open longing for) yet another “new Pearl Harbor” comes to fruition, it is very easy to imagine these Democrats agreeing to whatever “stern measures” the Bush Regime proposes: martial law, internment camps, even the suspension of the 2008 elections.

At this stage of the game, any outrage wasted on these slavish wretches would just be “an expense of spirit in a waste of shame.”  They will never act any differently, and no one should expect them to. They are what they are: abettors and accomplices of moral rot, bought and paid for by the elite interests that float their campaigns and shape the corrupt system that produces such shallow, third-rate fools as “leaders.”

UPDATE: Arthur Silber is back and loaded for bear, with this blistering disquistion on the Congressional cave-in and its deeper implications and historical roots — and the cluelessness of the “progressive” response to this inevitable Democratic betrayal of liberty (and the countless ones that preceded it, going back many decades).

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