Danse Macabre: An Apology to Democrats by Chris Floyd

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Written by Chris Floyd
Sunday, 05 August 2007

I would like to apologize to the leaders of the Democratic Party for implying in my previous post that they are political cowards. I confess that I was carried away, rhetorically, in the heat of the moment, and was completely mistaken in ascribing their actions on the recent warrantless wiretapping bill to “spineless acquiescence” to the Bush Administration’s authoritarian proclivities.

As one of Empire Burlesque’s readers pointed out, that phrase was inconsistent with the rest of the piece, for it implied that the Democratic elite were actually opposed to the essence of Bush’s authoritarian/corporatist/militarist agenda, and were somehow acting against their will in surrendering to Bush time and again during the past six years. As the reader noted, drawing on Arthur Silber’s analysis (more on this below), the Democrats “are not spineless or weak. Nobody pushes them to do what they don’t want (no matter how much the Digbys would like to explain away their actions that way.). They’re completely corrupt and fully, volitionally complicit.” The reader also pointed me to a comment they’d left on Glenn Greenwald’s takedown of the vote: “It doesn’t take any courage to do what you want to do. Just the opposite. They WANT all these things, but can hardly reveal that to their often sincere but easy-to-dupe followers, so they hide behind the ‘we were threatened, Bush made us do it, we’re spineless, and we don’t want to look weak,’ meme. They cop a plea to the lesser charge but the truth is, tragically, far more dark.”



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One thought on “Danse Macabre: An Apology to Democrats by Chris Floyd

  1. Namiste,

    Yes I think that if they aren’t actually being spineless then they are all Republicans in Democrats clothing and they are in league with the powers that be which I might add could possibly be planning at this moment while Congress so valiantly went off to their month long vacations instead of staying and fighting for our civil liberties and the bill of rights and the US Constitution. No instead they hurried on home to their fun filled vacations with their great health insurance their great benefits packages and their super great wages. They have it just as the average American has it as they represent us the common person who works for a living.

    Wow a whole month off I wonder what kind of terrible thing could happen that would warrant the president to become a dictator and all of the US citizens to lose all of their constitutional rights?

    Has any one ever watched C-span for any length of time? Where do most of the legislators spend most of their time doing what you never see Hadley any one on the house floor doing any of the Countries business do you? Where are they at? And what are they doing exactly?

    No one brought up that The Vice president should be impeached and so too should Bush and his Chief legal council Mr. Gonzolas for crying out loud!!!

    Namiste and peace my friends,


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