From Sadr city with “Love”… By Layla Anwar (over 18 only)

Dandelion Salad

By Layla Anwar
08/04/07 “Arab Woman Blues

I did not feel like blogging tonight but was somehow compelled.

As usual, I can’t sleep. How I wish I can run away from it all…

Some of you who follow my blog on a regular basis, know of Kamel’s story.

I mentioned in my post “Fresh from the Iraqi oven”, that Kamel is held in an American prison supervised and guarded by sectarian shia militias, on charges of “insurgency”.

I also mentioned that they demanded extortion money in exchange for his release and their signing a piece of paper saying he is not an insurgent- which is the truth.

We finally managed to collect the requested sum of 2 Million Dinars. The money was paid and we got double crossed. They took the money and did not release Kamel. Only God knows what is happening to him right now.

Money is not the only thing they extort from us. Sex read rape is another.

I read a story today on IRIN and am reprinting in its entirety.

Such kind of story is not uncommon at all. You hear them daily…in free Baghdad.

So here it is.

BAGHDAD, Mother of three Um Muhammad al-Daraj, 35, recently went through a traumatic ordeal to try to save her husband’s life.

She told IRIN her husband was kidnapped by militants who had accused him of supporting the insurgents. After two days without news of her husband, Ahmed, two people came to her home and ordered her to follow them to meet her husband, who was reportedly being interrogated.

“I didn’t think twice and left my children with my neighbour. I was desperate for any news of Ahmed and they drove me to a distant neighbourhood where my husband was supposedly being held.

“After half an hour’s drive we reached [predominantly Shia] Sadr City and my legs were trembling because I know how dangerous the area is and the guys with me didn’t speak a word.

“They asked me to enter a disgusting-looking house and told me to wait. A rude man came into the room and bluntly told me that I had two choices: have sex with him and get my husband released or return to my home and never see Ahmed again.


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