Ron Paul on Fox Big Story (videos)

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August 05, 2007
Douglas Johnston


On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo

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  2. NO THANKS…..sorry can’t vote for anyone that wants to treat women as second class citizens…..and you have got to be kidding me about the guns…..this country is on the verge of a depression and we’re talking about your stinkin guns… to wonder about a man who only seems to worry about his “GUN”……also if you don’t like the laws in other states about where to hold your gun……then stay home…….it’s one of the reasons I won’t be going to Florida again…..this conversation is not worth my time……..but I appreciate the post …………t

  3. It’s the Constitution, all other laws must conform to the Supreme Law of the Land, or they are Illegal.
    It is pretty simple. “…”among…. are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…”.
    The word “among”, indicates that that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, are just the beginning of “our” Rights.
    A person who supports your rights, what is not to like, Rep. Dr. Ron Paul, seems to understand Us.
    Vote by Absentee Ballot, No-morph, No-caging.


    What is the difference between him and the communist party? LOL

  5. This was an EXCELLENT interview as far as PR goes and you should ALL write to FOX ( and thank them up and down for it. She asked him questions that he SHOULD have been asked in the debate but was not.

    He cleared up the guilt by association thing, which he has been attacked for in the past, with a very reasonable argument about freedom of association. The answer was perfect and fit in with his ideals about liberty. And it made a lot of sense. You can tell the interviewer was satisfied with the answer too.

    And if you listened carefully at the end, you would have heard her state her regret that she did not have MORE time to ask him MORE things, and that she LIKED him.

    This was one of the most in-depth and respectful interviews he has ever had.

    Please write to FOX and thank them!!!!!!!

  6. Ron Paul won this Iowa debate, hands down! He’s the only one on either the dem or republican side to advocate for America’s sovereignity based on a common sense foreign policy: free trade, not war. Is it so hard to imagine a peaceful USA that uses diplomacy and encourages cooperation to build an economy not based on war, destruction and death?

    Vote Ron Paul 2008!

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  8. i dont care whether he thinks 911 was an inside job..i care if he supports a real investigation and justice for 911 victims and their families.

    Most important, I think he finds a more suitable resting place for the remains of our firefighters and Americans from that day.

    Long live the constitution and our bill of rights!

  9. Personally, I’m a Kucinich supporter, however, Ron Paul is the best candidate of all the republicans running. There are some issues that I agree with him on such as getting out of Iraq and ridding the Federal Reserve.

  10. I am astounded at this interview. One would expect total hostility on Faux News (Hannity-style) but I have to admit is was conducted in a pretty fair light. However she did try to bait him with the whole Alex Jones thing. I for one listen to Jones almost everyday and he has opened my eyes. But I can clearly see how they are attempting to paint Paul as a kook for going on Jones’ show. MSM is so corrupt and criminal it isn’t even funny.

  11. Thanks for posting these. Great job by Ron Paul in hostile territory! This probably got more converts than the debate did, where he wasn’t asked any real questions.

  12. This FAUX Bi#$% is doing a horrible job at attempting to bait a much more intelligent Ron Paul!
    She’s a JOKE! As soon as RP slams the answer she tries to cut him short!
    Go Ron Paul! Go Ron Paul! God Bless Ron Paul for President 2008!

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