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We’ve been bitch-slapped by big biz again. Nobody, not even Al Gore, was more convinced than they that global warming is a — shall we say? — slam dunk. And the truth of it, for them, couldn’t be more convenient.

They’ve made fools of us all: not only their dupes and the “experts” paid to trump up denials, but also the environmentalists who thought their foes were just selfishly opposing pollution control and alternate energy development.

A far bigger lie sparked their dedicated efforts to undermine climate science. The goal from the get-go was capturing Arctic oil and gas. Their professed doubts and the resultant delays have made sure the place is melting on schedule. Soon they’ll be drilling in Santa’s back yard. The only remaining question is, “Under whose flag?”

Little media attention has been paid in this country (no surprise), but news from foreign sources burst upon my radar screen about three weeks ago. The first blip concerned Canada’s determination to enforce polar sovereignty by beefing up its navy to patrol the Northwest Passage. I previously had no idea that the notion of a northern waterway linking the Atlantic and Pacific had ever advanced beyond myth and legend, nor that it’s navigable through much of the year already, nor that Canadian PM Stephen Harper made its close supervision a campaign issue last year, nor that other nations (including ours) regard parts of the area as international waters or their own property, based on undersea extensions of land masses. Next came word of a polar exploration deal between Canada and Exxon Mobil subsidiaries Imperial Oil Ltd. and ExxonMobil Canada.

Funny how these things never made it into American media until lately. So why now? Well, their hand seems to have been forced by Uncle Vlad of the Once-Transparent Soul. Making huge news elsewhere (and gradually reaching our shores) is that the Russians are racing under ice floes to plant a titanium flag symbolizing their claim to a polar region as big as western Europe and believed to contain a quarter of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas reserves. They set off to the accompaniment of a spy plane thought to be ours and British subs are monitoring the situation, too. Here’s the (London) Guardian account from last weekend.

Other players in a battle long brewing without our heed include Norway and Denmark, the latter through its control of Greenland. The Danish claim is cited in this (London) Telegraph story from 2004, in which Torquil Meedon, a senior science and technology official, said: “Climate changes indicate that ice in the polar sea may disappear within 50 to 100 years. That will open up the Northwest Passage as a new and valuable shipping route. It will also be opened up to fishing and then there are the oil and gas reserves …”

About a year later, this piece from Newsweek International (not our American version of the mag) laid out a further wealth of detail, including: “As global warming sets in, the polar ice cap is receding fast. Scientists reckon that by the end of the century the entire Arctic Ocean could be open water for the first time since prehistory, uncovering potentially vast reservoirs of oil and natural gas — perhaps a quarter of the world’s undiscovered reserves, according to a study from the U.S. Geological Survey.”

Fascinating that the U.S. Geological Suvey didn’t mind giving foreigners that information, without supplying so much as a clue for us! And the same MSNBC website that stables the Newsweek International story told Americans with fanfare on Jan. 12, 2007, that Exxon Mobil “has stopped funding groups skeptical of global warming claims … (I)ts vice president for public affairs, Kenneth Cohen… (stated that) while questions remain about the degree to which fossil fuels are contributing to warming, the computer modelling on what the future may hold ‘has gotten better.’ And, he said, ‘we know enough now — or, society knows enough now — that the risk is serious and action should be taken.’ “

What a joke. On us. They wouldn’t be calling off the deceit, unless confident that the damage is done.

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8 thoughts on “The Big Thaw: Big Oil Has Been Banking On It by Glitzqueen

  1. Thanks for your further thoughts, Toni, and welcome to the conversation, William. I really appreciate the feedback.

    Straw/hay bale construction looks promising to me, too, Toni (now that real adobe has gotten so stupidly expensive). A dry climate is best for it, of course, since any moisture seeping through the outer plaster sets the stage for catastrophic rot. Where are you located? You mentioned that it’s colder where you are, but is the climate dry? BTW, please don’t feel obliged to edit your remarks for length. If there’s a word limit here, I haven’t run into it yet.

    I love your water wheels idea, William (and, like you, am opposed to more nuclear plants). The smaller things that communities and even individual families can do for themselves with solar, wind and sometimes water power seem to me to hold more hope than expecting strong action from a legislature that’s essentially bought-and-paid-for.

    About Edwards, I believe we need to stay very much aware that the media conglomerates are slaughtering him because he’s the candidate who actually scares big biz. He’s going around complaining that giant companies run the world and need to be told “no”. Besides trying to shoot him down, the other thing they’ll do is try to co-opt him (hence, the Bilderberg invitation). Anyway, as my mama always said of evaluating information, “Consider the Source.”

    Thanks again for your thoughts, Folks. More, please!

  2. Namiste,

    I have said instead of this insane war we should be pumping the billions into wind generators and solar power and water wheel generators all along our water ways since I started blogging… It is our only earth and they are determined to screw it up. They need to give up on the idea of nuclear power and fuel it is dangerous and not very smart as it takes thousands of years for the spent fuel rods to degrade enough to render them harmless. I don’t even think they have to create dams all they have to do is have water wheels like they used to have in the old days that ground up the wheat. Instead of wheat have the free water flow to be creating free energy. Have them majestically lined up and down all of the water ways and streams making pure green energy that is free. All one would need is a pipe that is larger on the end that goes into the channel of the river or stream and then get smaller and smaller making the water pressurized by itself running up the pipe from inside the channel and it would make the water wheels even run faster creating even more power…. Think about it for a while it makes since…

    I have said that our government should have forced all of our car manufactures to go completely green and stoop the oil mongers in their tracks. China and all of the other countries would follow suit. We are the leaders and supposedly the innovators? Why aren’t we doing it then? Yes maybe Al gore did make some money for his campaign on global warming, but he was also ridiculed a lot especially by the right wing factions lam basting him for it when he was trying to tell the truth about it. He was trying to make a difference and to save the planet not only for Al gore, but for al gores children and grandchildren and hopefully all of ours too…

    If all cars in America were forced to be made solar or run on electricity or green fuel of some ki9nd oil would be worthless and the super Rich oil barons would lose their control ( monopoly ) of our fuel providers of this country and the other countries…

    Big oil runs this country now. Cheney is big oil and so too are the Bushes…

    Namiste and peace,


    NOTICE: Due to (U.S.) Presidential Executive Orders, the National
    Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or
    Notice, is in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  3. Wow, looks like I got a little long winded there sorry about that……will make sure their shorten in the future…..t

  4. GQ thanks for the post ….and I am old enough to remember and then some, I understand passive solar and totally agree, but in the colder climates where I live it doesn’t quite work as well but with a little more tweaking would make an excellent solution…..I’ve looked into straw bale homes and I personally think that’s my next direction……But, we all really need to make an effort to move away from oil and gas..(and frankly I think it is actually time to start embarrassing people for their gluttonous use of it)……..I’d like to say I believe in Edwards but I don’t…… he was invited to the Bilderberg Group …..I truly believe and especially after these last 10years that neither the R or D party are democracys party…..these candidates are raising too much money and these donors want their pound of flesh…….It’s truly time we started speaking as adults without rose colored glasses on, And I think the only way to start waking people up is if WE change the debate…..starting to talk about the $$$$ in every means possible with arrows amined equally at each party ..time to ask our friends and neighbors the serious questions…….I believe in fair business….but this isn’t fair, this is gluttony and murder, too much death and destruction and too many destroyed lives…… god I still can’t believe that so many people are sleep walking……..
    I love the title of your fp blog and I’m looking forward to checking it out……I have a feeling I’m going to love it ………like I do ds………..t

  5. Thanks very much for your comments and commendations, Malcolm and Toni. Yep, it’s sad and maddening how greed now rules everything and most of both parties are in on the action. (Viewing this in its infinite variety is the subject of my other very recent blog, “Et tu, Fisher-Price?” I hope you’ll have a look there and tell me what you think.)

    Getting back to the energy topic, solar and wind are certainly what we need; I’m right with you on that, Toni. Don’t know if you’re old enough to remember, but we had those very much on the front-burner until Reagan ended Carter’s tax breaks for alternate energy purchases. We wouldn’t be in today’s mess, had the companies he killed been able to continue their R&D through the past 30 years. Some were making terrific progress in the late 70s here in New Mexico — besides which, most new homes in the southwest were at least passive solar then. If only the same were true of the legions of houses built since! It’s neither hard nor costly: mainly a matter of siting them properly; placing a thick or bermed wall on the north; and glazing the east and south, with floors of brick or terrazzo to absorb heat and release it in the evening.

    I notice the House just passed a little bill that’s meant to revive clean energy. Of course it’ll never make it past Shrub, because his cronies haven’t figured out how to profit from it (unlike their biofuels boondoggle that’s set to starve much of the developing world and make pollution worse).

    As for hanging the corporatocracy, Malcolm, I’m long past ready to hoist the black flag and start slitting throats. Edwards strikes me as our only hope for knocking them down a number of pegs and getting our rights back. Others with a shot at winning seem much too cozy with the grillionaires.

  6. Excellent Info….And a real “Need to Know” but personally I don’t believe Al Gore is doing all this environmental stuff out of the goodness of his heart…there are real $$$$$$ in this for him….but the only way oil and gas wins is if there are customers….it still comes down to the mighty $…want to save the planet and preserve the future for your child?… then convert to solar and wind and MAKE IT the peoples policy……stay focused…t

  7. Excellent and well done!except for the news being so intrinsically sad. This could be the State of the Planet Address. Unfortunately, as suscint and well articulated as your article may be, forget about the government doing anything. Bush continues to get what he wants. He just got another stupid a– bill passed about surveillance which they have doing for years now anyway. Thanks, Dims. Another job well done. The schip bill had very nice intentions nevermind bush will veto.

    Anybody want to hang the corporatocracy that’s running our country?

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