Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century (video)

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July 30, 2007

For over 100 years conventional medicine has seized control of the US health care system and as a result we have over 800,000 people who are killed by interacting with this system. It is likely that over 50 million Americans have died prematurely from this abuse.

7 thoughts on “Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century (video)

  1. I absolutely agree with your take on the North American Pharmecutical Industry. thought—-Are Pharmecutical Companies behind the actions of the Canadian/American Cancer Society? Absolutely, Of all the monies raised (Billions, each year) less than 2% of the monies raised actually goes to the PREVENTION aspect of Cancers. How many more clues do we all need??
    First time in History, many of us as parents will outlive our kids!!!!!!!

  2. So everyone is concerned about a commercial for a book, then do a little research. More people die in Hospitals than anywhere else. Ok, trauma victims are expected, it is the patients who die from Dr.’s Practicing Medicine, and mis-diagonis, that is a crime. Remember no autopsy’s for patient’s under a Dr.’s Care, cause determined by care Dr. .
    Defeat Consumerism; the Engine & Enabler of Debt.

  3. my mom sent me this video, and while it was obviously very amaturish, and even “if” they doubled all of their statistics, it’s still HORRIFYING. I wish dearly that people would realize that God didn’t build our bodies to be pickled into old age by big Pharma.

  4. An ad for your book at the end of a somewhat sensationalistic, emotion-prokoving video? Nothing contrived about toe tags on the one of those millions of people Dr. Mercolo claims was killed by medical this year. The author needs to cite some statistical sources at the end of this video. Not all our health ills can be blamed on, or have been caused by “Big Pharma”. How about mentioning beneficial long-term health effects of staying on a Pfizer drug, Lipitor, for a lifetime?

  5. What can we do ? Nothing. This is another commercial of some “greate” book that when we buy it then all problems disappear. Bollocks.

  6. …OK

    I was going along with the video for the first four and a half minutes. And then came the advertising for a book. This video about the dangerous, money-hungry industry is brought to us by… the dangerous, money-hungry industry? Nice.

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