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… is mining mogul Robert Murray, whose role in this exchange lowered the bar for clarity miles beneath ground level:

Faux News host Neil Cavuto — reacting to Hilllary Clinton’s asking a crowd if they were ready for a president who “will appoint people who actually care about workers’ rights and workers’ safety” — said to Murray, “Bob, do you view this rhetoric as pro-labor, anti-business, what?”

The guest answered, “Absolutely not.”

So did he mean NOT “pro-labor,” NOT “anti-business” or NOT “what”?

“I view it as anti-American,” Murray elaborated, adding, “These people should –-“

Should do what, Bob? Evidently nothing he could think of.

“Are misleading the American worker,” he continued.

About what, Bob? Well, nothing followed that relates to this tangent, either.

“Then they talk about jobs,” he went on, winding up for a big finish. “These are the people advocating draconian global warming conditions that are going to drive American jobs to foreign countries and raise electric rates for everybody on fixed incomes.”


“Advocating draconian global warming conditions” would seemingly mean they want the world on the boil or blazing. Either way, with the whole globe blazing or boiling, where would American jobs GO? And how the devil would the supposed leap of jobs from frying pan into fire increase electric rates, most especially for pensioners?

That mind-boggling dialogue, according to a Salt Lake City Tribune account, dates from May.

Murray made every bit as much sense in June, when testifying before Congress that his mine safety record “is one of the best in the coal industry anywhere” — despite his being cited at only ONE of his mines with more than 300 violations since January of 2004, including 118 deemed “significant and substantial” (thus grave enough to cause injury or death), for which he paid $152,000 in penalties. Injury rates a fourth higher than the national average have been recorded in two of his OTHER mines, but Murray called that “propaganda” by a union.

And today this model of lucidity and reason insists that his six workers trapped for two days in his Crandall Canyon mine (the one with all the citations and slap-on-the-wrist penalties) were victims of an earthquake — never mind that seismologists say their instruments picked up a pattern of ground-shaking distinctly associated with cave-ins, rather than any external cause. That “the Lord has already decided whether they’re alive or dead” excuses the fact that it will take another two or three days to find out which, as far as Murray’s concerned. Others might debate whether the die is already so firmly cast.

And what about the fact that the trapped miners’ families are said to be sequestered in an “undisclosed location” under police guard, along with four miners who escaped? One has to wonder if these folks might not be able to elucidate the situation a good bit more capably than the owner, assuming they were given the chance. “Many do not speak English,” says a New York Times report. Even so, I doubt they could express themselves worse.

Hmmm, do you reckon there may be questions about their legal status — or can American citizens now be impounded by Shrub’s Gestapo, when they might prefer to be screaming for some justice on the streets? There’s probably a great deal more than meets the idle eye here, whether or not we’ll ever know.
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