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Aug. 8, 2007

So here is an idea for a game called Name the Dictator. The game is to determine who is responsible for this mess, the bush (adj.) corporate control of our government. John Perkins calls it corporatocracy. Cool. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could blame a person, someone we could hold accountable, and rightfully so, the non-elected officials that determine public policy.

Name the Dictator would be the opposite of a Presidential debate. Instead of looking for someone to make things better, the game is to name who we tar and feather, someone to put in the town square locked in the stocks, someone on whom we could walk by and kick or spit, verbally abuse, something rude and distasteful. Very therapeutic.
Unfortunately, a dictator, king, or president is just a figurehead. A corporation is another identifier, and probably more current, but much too ambiguous since it does not fix blame on any one person; it is far less specific and hence, of little therapeutic value.

The title ‘quisling’ would be a better fit: from Am. Heritage Dictionary, n. someone who serves as a puppet to the enemy occupying his country. The word comes from the name of a ‘tom delay’ kind of nut, Vidkun Quisling, who while serving as a legislator in Norway decided it would be a great idea if Hitler took control of his country. So when the Nazis invaded he became the Chief of Norway. In the game ‘The Quisling’ the definition ‘enemy occupying his country’ could be either foreign or domestic; but since the corporatocracy is currently an occupational force the distinction hardly matters.

Like the Donald Trump show, The Apprentice, it would allow a winnowing from a group of candidates until the winner is named: The Quisling.

So who are our enemies, our Quislings? John Perkins could name some great candidates for the show (the viewing/public audience could participate with email). Like where Perkins worked, it could be those corporate heads that determine our national (and foreign) policy, unelected ‘officials’ that shape the media and sell us their ‘reality’, United Fruit/Chiquita that deposed Guatemala’s democratically elected President in 1953; Drummond Mining (a US privately held company) who were recently indicted for assasinating labor organizers at their mining operations in Equador; Freeport-McMoran (with Kissinger on the Board of Directors) that use the Indonesian army to hold down the local population while the mine effluent poisons a river the local villagers depended upon.

Like picking lobster out of the aquarium at a seafood restaurant, this would be easy pickings; and like the FBI’s most wanted list at a Post Office, these people should be held up to public scrutiny.

Now is the time to take action. We, the People, that hold this country to a higher ethical standard need to determine the issues; We need to direct the ‘talking points’ instead of Carl Rove’s lowest common denominator; We need to get the fear-based platform turned around and moving forward instead of the regressive politics of a highly focused minority. They have been in controll since the tawdry smear of the Clinton Administration. The bush Condoleezza (on the Board of Directors at Chevron) has stollen our national integrity for the benefit of corporations, from oil to prison management. Dictators or Quislings, we might as well have some fun exposing their operation and maybe change their game.

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