Hardball: Interview with Steve Skvara (video; health care)

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August 08, 2007
From:  heathr234 Union member Steve Skvara who spoke a…

Union member Steve Skvara who spoke about losing his health care and part of his pension when questioning John Edwards at the Democratic debate talks to Chris Matthews about those issues. Matthews doesn’t seem to know when someone qualifies for Medicaid.

2 thoughts on “Hardball: Interview with Steve Skvara (video; health care)

  1. Namiste,

    Who ever was the person who said he should apply for Medicaid? How do you expect some one who fell victim to his employers screwing him over hat he should all of a sudden know about Medicaid or hat he would even qualify for it as usually your turned down the first few times any way are you not? I hope that whom ever that person is working for gets the same experience first hand what happened to this man and then not having insurance and have to buy medications not only for him self but for his wife too.

    He had a voice and people that need the help!!!!!

    They should have brought up Congressman Kucinich for he has a plan to have all Americans insured, a universal health care system. He was the best candidate out there and no one is mentioning him or it or his plans for our country? I don’t understand why that is? They should take him seriously!!!

    Namiste and peace,


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