From Pakistan to the Potomac: The Terror Warriors’ Enduring Victory by Chris Floyd

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Written by Chris Floyd
Thursday, 09 August 2007

Our frozen friend, Winter Patriot, is on fire this week, weighing in on, among other things, the state of emergency now being mootedand denied — in Pakistan.  WP has been covering the seething cauldron in this pivotal nation more thoroughly than almost anyone else in the blogosphere, and brings his in-depth knowledge to the latest tremor in Pakistan’s quaking political landscape.

He takes special note of the powerful, well-placed extremist elements emerging from the chaos. The curse of Bush’s “friendship” has weakened Musharaff’s standing as a strong, independent leader in the eyes of his people, which in turn has forced him into increasingly hardline measures to bolster his faltering authority. As an unconstitutional military dictator, Musharaff has no institutional legitimacy as the ruler of Pakistan; everything depends on his personal stature, and the willingness of various powerful factions to acquiesce to his leadership. One by one, these factions, both religious and secular, are withdrawing that acquiescence, and Musharaff is watching his authority bleed away.

The result could be a nightmare scenario: a failed, extremist-riddled state with nuclear weapons. [Hmm, sounds a bit like a description of Bush’s America, doesn’t it?] Then again, what better way to ensure the continuation of the “War on Terror”? Islamic extremists with nuclear bombs? Smell the fear, baby. Or as they used to sing back in the Harding Adminstration, “My God, How the Money Rolls In!”


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2 thoughts on “From Pakistan to the Potomac: The Terror Warriors’ Enduring Victory by Chris Floyd

  1. Hi Winter Patriot, thanks for dropping by. As you can see I’ve posted some of your work via Chris Floyd and/or Atlantic Free Press. Just added your blog to my blogroll.

    Thanks again for posting a link to one of my posts (Gravel).

    Keep up the great work, WP.


  2. That’s a great comment, and good links too. Even if the hint is only implied, it’s quite right. Chris’ characterization of my work was exceedingly generous.

    “…more thoroughly than almost anyone else in the blogosphere who doesn’t concentrate on Pakistan” … maybe.

    But as written, Chris’ kind words were too much.


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