Goading Xerxes: A New Tactical Twist in the Coming War on Iran by Chris Floyd

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Written by Chris Floyd
Empire Burlesque
Friday, 10 August 2007

An American strike on Iran is coming closer. It probably won’t take place in the next few weeks, because Bush is on vacation and will not want to be disturbed. And it probably won’t take the form that many have expected (including this writer). But Bush himself has raised the ante in recent days, warning of vague punishments for alleged Iranian misdeeds – and unleashing an outright lie that Iran has openly “proclaimed its desire for nuclear weapons,” when of course the very opposite is true. And now McClatchy Newspapers brings fresh confirmation that the decider behind the Decider – Dick Cheney – is calling for airstrikes against Iran. Indeed, it seems Cheney has already chosen the casus belli for such an attack – a provocation that we will doubtless see occuring any day now.

For some time, it has been thought – with good reason – that the coming Bush-Cheney attack on Iran would be aimed at the country’s rudimentary nuclear power facilities. And it’s true the old “mushroom cloud in American cities” ploy continues to be the Administration’s best propaganda gambit in demonizing Iran and instilling fear of this demon in the public, as Bush demonstrated with his Goebbelsian lie this week. But even a ruthless, authoritarian “Unitary Executive” regime faces some political restraints on its brutal ambitions, as we noted here yesterday. It cannot act on its most radical plans until the PR ground has been properly prepared. (Even a supreme despot like Hitler was forced by public opposition to cancel his “Action T4” program of murdering the “inferior stock” of mentally and physically disabled people in Germany.) And the fact remains that it would be difficult to move even the docile American public to any great support for a sudden, massive assault on Iran’s nuclear sites, when even the White House has to admit that Iran does not have nuclear weapons yet.


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One thought on “Goading Xerxes: A New Tactical Twist in the Coming War on Iran by Chris Floyd

  1. Namiste,

    Yes it sounded that way to me too today or yesterday when he was leaving on his what did they say 342nd vacation day since he had been in office… Must be nice to be president is all I can comment on that one. He was talking about how it is up to Congress to get the monies from pork belly spending for the infrastructure from which when one looks at the spending it is bills that the president would have had to have signed pork barrel Spending and all if that is the case and he knew about it?
    He was saying in a threat about Iran and if it is found that particular Al quida key people are found in northern Pakistan that America would take action if the Pakistani’s didn’t… IT honestly sounds to me like he wants to go into another war and confrontation in the middle east…

    I think that they are setting us up for our next great disaster soon plus they are wanting to hit Iran next is on the hit list..
    Namiste and peace,


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