Might blackmail explain the Dems’ spinelessness? by Glitzqueen (aka The Other Katherine Harris)


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by The Other Katherine Harris
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Aug. 10, 2007

I’m not saying it does, but this certainly COULD explain why so many Democrats won’t stand up to Shrub and His Thugs: A tangle of radical Republican tech firms has controlled most federal government communications for years!

What should be an immeasurably huge story is so far mainly confined to the website of ePluribusMedia, to which I was led by a few diary entries on Daily Kos.

It isn’t the sort of issue one raises lightly — being almost up there with speculation that 9/11 and the Kennedy and King assassinations were inside jobs — so I’ve been slow to mention it. And during the four months that I’ve been noodling the possibility, the plot has thickened. In the wake of Prosecutorgate, others have asked “Are Rove’s Missing E-mails the Smoking Guns of the Stolen 2004 Election?” — linking the servers hosting Ohio election returns with those used for RNC e-mail accounts inside the White House and for just about Everything Republican in cyberspace.

Beyond that shocking connection, the same network block also hosts the firm that employs busy Bushies working behind the Congressional firewall for the House Committee on Administration (responsible for telecommunications, IT networks including committee intranets, finance, HR and every other administrative aspect of our House of Representatives). This crew is still in posish for wiretapping, grabbing e-mails and otherwise weaseling in the woodwork, unless the new Congress fired them. Even if they’ve recently been canned, they were there from 2001, when former HCA head Bob Ney invited them in.

Yes, Ney is in prison now, a confessed member of the Abramoff Gang.

Also sullied is Republican internet guru Mike Connell, Ney’s fellow-Ohioan who serves as the point of intersection for all involved in this complex setup. He was axed for “unethical” tactics during Poppy Bush’s campaign, but the reprimand was really a love-pat, since he became a cozy family friend and went on to help both Jeb and Georgie. He’s subsequently built a client list that reads like a GOP “Who’s Who”. Companies overtly his are New Media Communications and Connell Donatelli, Inc. The firm behind the Congressional firewall, GovTech Solutions, is nominally headed by Connell’s wife and was certified “woman-owned” for government contracting purposes by Ohio’s former Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell — as scandal-ridden a figure as Mrs. Connell’s partner, Thomas Synhorst, a Rove operative, Bush campaign consultant and lobbyist active in creating “astroturf” front groups for corporations, trying to burnish the image of horrible governments like Burma’s and engaging in such dirty tricks as malicious robo-calling in many states during last fall’s election season. Further linking Connell with Karl Rove is the latter’s protégé, Barry Jackson, who now runs the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives (responsible, essentially, for seeing that the prez gets his way). Connell and Jackson were school chums at the University of Iowa in the early 1980s, part of a Young Republicans coterie distinguished for black bag jobs, stealing student elections and running phone-bank scams and rent-a-mob intimidation operations. Nice kids.

Want to know more? Here’s what I’ve seen, virtually guaranteed to persuade you it’s a miracle if our Congress isn’t somehow compromised by Connell’s techno-mafia:

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Ohio’s election website still sent real-time results to GOP mirror server

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Are Rove’s Missing E-mails the Smoking Guns of the Stolen 2004 Election?

Wonder if they’ll try subpoena-ing these guys. I’m not holding my breath.

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