Romney wins Iowa straw poll as expected + Straw Poll Results + Ron Paul After the Straw Poll (video)

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Aug 11, 9:50 PM EDT

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Straw Poll Results: A Win For Romney

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Aug. 11, 2007

Here are the results from the Iowa GOP straw poll:

1. Romney: 4516 (31.5)
2. Huckabee: 2587 (18.1)
3. Brownback: 2192 (15.3)
4. Tancredo: 1961 (13.7)
5. Paul: 1305 (9.1)
6. T. Thompson: 1039 (7.3)
7. F. Thompson: 203 (1.4)
8. Giuliani: 183 (1.3)
9. Hunter: 174 (1.2)
10. McCain: 101 (1)
11. Cox: 41 (.1)

14,302 ballots cast

By Editors | August 11, 2007; 9:24 PM ET

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August 11, 2007
From: EmergencyCheese

Congressman Ron Paul reacts to his fifth-place showing at the Iowa Straw Poll.


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  1. I just don’t get the American perspective on this war–don’t we have a volunteer army? I think todays soldiers CHOOSE to serve and know they will likely end up in Iraq.
    Go ahead and evaluate mistakes, discuss future strategy, but quit acting like George Bush is a mass murderer because he forced all these helpless young men into a useless battle. The truth is that many of them feel they’ve made a real difference over there, or signed up so that they could.

    Leadership is tough, and I pity the next person who will lead this nation that entertains itself by shredding the person at the top.

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