Celebrities For 9/11 TRUTH


9/11 Truth Movement demonstrator, Los Angeles.

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[replaced video Sept 11, 2009]

August 12, 2007

A list of celebrities for 9/11 truth.

Be amazed at how many celebrities stand for 9/11 truth.


9/11 Was An Inside Job
by Starstika

From the comment section:

Sadly, not all these people think 911 was an inside job.


The tittle of the video is “Celebrities For 9/11 TRUTH”. Those in the video stand for 9/11 truth. Many of them say 9/11 was an inside job. The others hint that it was an inside job and advocate for 9/11 truth. I left the link.




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on Mar 22, 2010

Captured from Decentralized on MySpace. Music by Starstika. Visit http://www.patriotsquestion911.com for the most up-to-date listing of celebrities supporting a new 9/11 investigation, as well as government, military, and many other professionals.


FKN Newz: 911’s A lie – Total Pwnage

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  2. How to de-hypnotize people? I don’t know but on “Star Trek TNG” episode where the crew was hypnotized by an alien game, Data turned out the lights and used a hand-held flash lamp to de-hypnotize everyone. I wish I knew practically how to un-brainwash people.

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  5. Great video, Thank you! Now how do we get 78% of Americans to do something?
    Its so frustrating!
    Peace be with you

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