Exclusive Report: OH NO, NOT ANOTHER NIXON! by William Mac

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This Week In Time

by William Mac
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
August 12, 2007

As the proverbial saying goes: we must review history or we will indeed become doomed to repeat it. There are some historical figures that are so well known that the average man or woman does not actually need review history in order to immediately know the transgressor mentioned. Should I say it? Ah, but I must: Richard Nixon. Ouch! The evil bastard of the last century, the colonel of corruption, the liaison of lies, the infamous ignoramus. We all know the name, and when the name is uttered it resounds throughout our brains like the liberty bell; it causes a cracked and dull ringing throughout our skull effectively killing off brain cells, and a migraine will probably follow. Yet, still, we all know the name. However, even though Richard Nixon is an infamous destructor of democracy, a fact nearly no one disputes, the common knowledge of ol’ Nixon has not prohibited the American people from repeating history at all. So, I’ll have to utter another name here, a name that will no doubt raise the blood pressure of those already suffering a migraine from the last name mentioned: President George W. Bush. Ouch again!

In a blog posted by Steven Lendman earlier today, and featured on our very own Dandelion Salad, he brings our attention to a book called “Cowboy Republic: Six Ways The Bush Gang Has Defied The Law” written by Marjorie Cohn. But, don’t we all know the ways in which the Bush gang has defied the law? I do, and I’m sure that it doesn’t take scholar to figure it out. Yet, I don’t think that any of this Bush bashing, as much of a release of tension and frustration it may be, will do anything for us as American people. Permeating the population’s brain waves of the Nixon evils did nothing, because we got Bush, and ringing the Bush bell will do nothing because, well, we still have Bush. We also had many other undesirable presidents; in fact almost all of them have been undesirable since the nation’s upstanding founding fathers died out long ago.

The possibility that Bush will haunt me throughout my years, just as Nixon did, is simply unacceptable. The possibility that Bush and Nixon will become my future children’s reference to all evil politicians makes me frantic, and I may just have to move to the South American coast and laze around in a hammock while sipping on an endless Margarita before The Big Fear comes and seizes my placid blue view. So, in order to cure the future migraines of America, and protect my own health, I would propose that we just forget about the man and his transgressions, and throw the “study history or you’ll be doomed to repeat it” saying in the trash along with him. There’s no use in wallowing in the mud.

The fact is that we will keep on repeating history if we keep on remaining ignorant as to the character of our political candidates in all spectrums of American government. If we remain ignorant to candidates’ previous acts, histories, involvement with secret societies, and do not thrust them into the harsh spotlight of overwhelming public scrutiny, then we will indeed repeat history despite our knowledge of previous presidents’ acts of using the Constitution as toilet paper. For if we are not educated, if we do not instill fear in all political branches and politicians therein, then we are just as guilty as them; we will be blowing our nose with the Constitution and waving it vigorously in protest towards those in office, as if they are the culprits.

We feel powerless, don’t we? We yell and scream, and scratch and claw and write books detailing the common and well-known facts about administrations and corrupt cover-ups in government. We spend endless energy complaining, but at the same time we allow ourselves to be swayed by yet more politicians telling us exactly what we want to hear. We consider ourselves liberals, conservatives, elephants or jackasses, but we forget to consider ourselves Americans; we are all Americans. We vote straight party, and like what we hear, and we walk away from the polls feeling good about ourselves. But, we didn’t do the legwork, we didn’t study the politicians, and we didn’t hang off of every word in complete skepticism because we read somewhere that he or she was the real deal, we heard what we wanted to hear, and our parents were Republicans or Democrats, and so are we now as their descendants.

Don’t get distracted with bashing Bush or harping in disdain about the degradations thrust upon us by unjust government administrations when you, me… no, we, put them there. All around me I see it happening again. I see people watching the television debates and clapping along with the sheep in the audience when the Democrats say “bring our troops home!” or when the Republicans say, “Finish the job!” Well, they aren’t Democrats, and they aren’t Republicans, they are people seeking an agenda, to think otherwise is to be ignorant.

The only way that we as Americans can stifle the line of corruption and indeed not repeat history is by getting to the root problem. The root problem is that we think that political ideologies and policies imparted verbally on behalf of politicians should be what determines our vote, or our compliance. The root problem is that we look back at the Clinton years and think it was separate from the Bush administrations that sandwiched it. The root problem is that we harp about Bush and compare him to other politicians, but don’t realize that most of our current candidates, if sworn into the presidency, would be furthering the same administration regardless of party affiliation. The root problem is our miss-education, our starry eyed party affiliation, our laziness, and the thought process that bashing Bush, and pointing out as well as remembering forever his crimes, will make us wiser in the future. The root problem is us. First we must pull ourselves out of the dirt and see the light, and then we must look around us at the weeds we’ve been choked out by for so long and get rid of them. We need to gain back our voice by first hearing and understanding the voices of those in power; we must recognize the man behind the glamour, and the hiss behind the eloquence. If not, we will surely be bitten, and the poison from those weeds, those hissing snakes will permeate once again into the whole of America and paralyze us all.

We don’t need another Nixon. To dwell upon the crimes of the Bush family, and George W. Bush’s current administration is to allow ourselves to be swayed by whom ever professes to be different. They will come in blues and reds, they’ll say “I’m not like Bush,” they’ll point out what you’ve been dwelling on so angrily and say, “I won’t do what Bush did”, and worst of all, you’ll probably believe them. Take a ganger though, because if you do, you’ll most likely find that they’re just a continuation of the same administration. Steve Lendman did point out something very important in Marjorie Cohn’s book: “Cohn notes that few Americans understand international law, or the Constitution either, for that matter, aside from some pro forma words they can recite perfunctorily but not explain.”

It’s not enough to understand the crimes, or those who committed those crimes. A deeper level of study must go into understanding our government if we are to prohibit further indignations. Party affiliations must be put aside if we are to ever grow once again as a single voice to shout down those who would rape our rights. Less importance must be put on the candidates or evil men themselves, and more importance must be put on you and your actions. Yes indeed, we don’t need another Nixon, but we do need some good Americans. Selah.


Reviewing Marjorie Cohn’s “Cowboy Republic” by Stephen Lendman

5 thoughts on “Exclusive Report: OH NO, NOT ANOTHER NIXON! by William Mac

  1. Yes, Nixon managed the media quite well. But, we have to go further back with the Bush Agenda. We knew full well in 2000 that Bush’s grandfather was a Nazi sympathizer and did not put little George out of the race. We pretend that because Germany lost WWII that the ideology behind it was defeated, too.

    Not so. . . it simply changed continents. And, unless we defeat the ideology, itself, once the Constitution is a worthless piece of paper and the U.S. is in shamble, that same ideology and the people behind it will move yet again to the next super-power. Only when we strike at the roots of the tree will that tree cease to exist.

  2. One of Bush’s crimes, an impeachable crime, was that he went to war illegally. Congress only gave Bush permission to go to War if he received UN approval. UN approval was never received; therefore, what he did and continues to do is illegal. Someone (ACLU) needs to take him to court. The Republicrats are useless.

  3. Namiste,

    In his last speech before leaving for his 342nd I believe vacation day since he has been in office that what crime what has any one in his administration done? What has congress got to prove? They should instead be getting important bills to his desk for him to sign instead of all of these fruitless investigations. He has the gall to say that Roberto Gonzales is innocent of anything other wise Congress would have done something about it they have nothing he says…

    The question is why isn’t the Democratic majority doing anything except giving this president even more power under the disguise of impending doom from more terrorist?

    What are the Democrats or the Republicans thinking for that matter? Who are they representing any way us or them selves?

    I know and the president isn’t guilty of any war crimes and neither is the Vice president Cheney. They are all innocent as they were only going on information that the British gave them for us to have to attack Iraq. We went to war with Iraq originally because they supposedly had nuclear, biological or Chemical warfare articles being produced to be being used against Americans. None were ever found and the word of the British saying that they had verifiable information left a huge black eye in Tony Blair’s face although it was pointed out by the British peoples and the people here in abundance that Tony Blair had become quite the lap Dog for this presidency… how is it that we are even still there as the initial war was over with a long time ago. The objectives that were set forth by our congress have already been realized. We have met the objective we have finalized the mission statement and it was accomplished. What are we still doing there?

    Right what are the crimes of this administration in the prisoners and the right to Habeas Corpus and humanity rights and prisoners of war rights signed in the Geneva Convention by the US?

    I don’t know how we as Americans would think to agree to give this presidency even more of our rights away as the congress did just before leaving on their month long vacation.. Yes that is one month long vacation. The bill of rights and the US constitution which they swore to protect was signed away right before going off on they’re month long vacation…Un- real who is the real criminal or the real victim? Well the people who ended up losing the most is also the American people of course.

    Sorry we no longer have our civil liberties as they were given away recently,

    Namiste and peace,


    NOTICE: Due to ( U.S.) Presidential Executive Orders, the National
    Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or
    Notice, is in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  4. Totally, dude…except 4 the “We vote straight party.” Here, I differ…with our country’s “party” history & dynamics of development, political influence, decisions, fundamentalization & that “concept”… Americans r giving up their individual voting power. Y succumb 2 a party affiliation when we alone & as a nation suffer the consequences?

  5. indeed mentionable …
    the defeat of nixon was the start of the
    spindoctor age, as the hawks simply refuted
    to accept that such a powerful cheat for the
    corporate subculture did not work …
    so they stressed scientifical methodology
    (the actual enemy as creationists are their
    main clientel – the type homo presapiens
    who is manipulatable more conveniently)
    to ensure it will not happen again …
    busted nonetheless they attempt slaying
    the constitution now as core evil … but it
    also shows, how much they learned: bush.

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