Kucinich on ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos’ (video)

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August 12, 2007
From: Kucinich2008

10 thoughts on “Kucinich on ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos’ (video)

  1. “We the poeple…”, need a leader that will create an atmosphere of friendship, not an “Authoritarian Rule”, that’ is the problem, and the friction in the World. Stop the Meddling in other’s affairs.
    Support the canidate that best fulfills the needs of the PEOPLE, jobs, healthcare, education, and security, these are the needs of the CITIZEN’S.
    With an Indebeted Society everything falls apart, while with a Productive Society, everything fall into place.
    The ecconomic fiat is strong while in demand, what happens when the Demand disappears?
    The Amero ? We need to annex Mexico and Canada to pay off “our” debt? “What a Country”!
    Vote by Absentee Ballot, No-morph, No-Caging

  2. kucinich/paul 2008! there couldn’t be a better ticket, there couldn’t be a better way to bridge the political divide in america…defeat the neocons on the left *and* the right! let’s get these candidates to the top of their parties!

    i want to see as many kucinich supporters on the streets as those now famous “ron paul revolution” banners! i want us to march together for a common cause! let’s take back this god damn country!


  3. Namiste,

    Wow isn’t Congressman Kucinich so very cool. I sure hope that he wins… I have donated to his campaign…

    I gather that makes me a real liberal then… cool!!!!

    No more Nukes no more Nukes!!!!

    Namiste and peace,


    NOTICE: Due to (U.S.) Presidential Executive Orders, the National
    Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or
    Notice, is in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  4. Hi!
    1. Thank-you for the video of kucinich from this morning.
    2. can you download , or can I , the video to my My Space website? I was thinking perhaps I could contact some anti-nuclear groups, I know they would love what he said about disarmament. We can not wait and play the usual ‘political games’ about some ‘tipping-point’!
    3. canI add you to My Friends list on my actiondennis4president.com/SandyBanks?

  5. Kucinich is right on everything! He has no marks against him. Any criticism he gets is from people who just want to keep him down for fear they will have lose power and money.

  6. I love Kucinich! He is just what we need for peace,
    WE ARE A DIVIDED NATION, he is what we need to bring America together again!
    Bring our troops home
    End NAFTA
    Health Care for all
    World Peace
    I love him ~ I want change and we aint gonna get it from the top lobbyist funded runner!

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