The Shift

Dandelion Salad

Aug. 12, 2007

A massive worldwide phenomenon is in progress, offering seeds of great hope for the future.

Millions of individuals, organizations and corporations around the world are waking up and embracing a new outlook with an emphasis on their responsibility to contribute positively to our collective future.

We are in the middle of the biggest social transformation in human history, The SHIFT.

At this critical point, it is imperative we make the masses aware of this global movement quickly. This evolutionary phenomenon is broader and deeper than the most visible SHIFT, the environmental movement. It involves our very understanding of who we are as human beings, and our responsibility to the world and to life itself.

THE SHIFT movie raises awareness to the story of our roles in an evolutionary shift in our collective consciousness.

As it chronicles the faces, the stories and leaders assisting in this social transformation, the film reveals its emergence & meaning.




2 thoughts on “The Shift

  1. Namiste and peace,

    Cool very cool film… I agree totally.. We are one world… and we can not just keep killing each other off it is not our plan or our destination in life. We should have learned something from all the past wars and lives…

    Namiste and peace and love to you all,



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