Global Pulse: New-To-You News Round Up + China’s Treasure Basket (videos)

Dandelion Salad

August 13, 2007
From: linktv

While we Americans are fixated by the tragic collapse pf a bridge and mine shaft, the news goes on elsewhere. Global Pulse Covered three important stories we may have missed. In Mexico, 200 Million US dollars in cash is found in a man’s basement. The man is Chinese and he accuses the government of planting the money, deepening the mystery. In Russia is Jubilant over the success of its North Pole expedition, complete with the planting of A Russian flag on the ocean bed- atop the huge deposits of oil and gas that lie below. And India is in anguish over the imprisonment of a Bollywood superstar. Sanjay Dutt was convicted on a weapons charge related to a terrorist bombing, but the news is focued on the tragedy of his disappearance from the silver screen.


China’s Treasure Basket

Beyond creating an Olympic spectacle, China has been busy hunting down natural resources in Tibet. A new train route, touted as a tourist boon, is strategically positioned to support mineral extraction. As a massive protest of Tibetain activists takes place in India, an untouched wilderness and its people are slowly being transformed.