Impeach Cheney: Peaceman vs The Chenguin by the 35 Percenters (video; Kucinich)

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August 14, 2007
From: 35percenters

54% of American adults are in favor of impeaching Vice President Dick Cheney, according to a recent American Research Group poll. Amongst Democrats specifically, 76% favor impeachment, yet for some reason Dennis Kucinich is the only Democratic presidential candidate willing to represent this overwhelming majority. The great disparity between public support and political support is also evident with regards to universal not-for-profit healthcare, of which Dennis is again the only candidate to stand for the vast majority of Americans who favor such a system.

Visit to show your support for HR Res 333, Dennis Kucinich’s resolution to impeach Vice President Cheney on three charges. Congressman Kucinich’s clear case for impeachment can be found at the link below:…

Director: Ev Boyle
Narration: Edan
Voice Direction: Monte Jernigan
Art Direction: John Harrison
Animation: Bill Wesley

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8 thoughts on “Impeach Cheney: Peaceman vs The Chenguin by the 35 Percenters (video; Kucinich)

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  4. Namiste Lo,

    Yes I totally agree and this is also one of the reasons that I really back and support Dennis Kucinich for president. He is at least brave enough to take it to the vice president and the president and his cabinet. I also agree with the national health care that none of the others back as they don’t have the inner self fortitude to support it or get it done. What is wrong with all of the Democrats in Congress or in the Legislature? Yes they should all be impeached on war crimes and treason. I think that the war is tresonious and high crimes against America and its people and soldiers and the Iraqi peoples.

    Due to our Majority led Congress who decided right before they left on vacation to sign away our bill of rights and the US Constitution which they swore to uphold we no longer have the rights we used to have. We no longer have the checks and balances to the fear of propaganda of the evil terrorist regime. Yes we can Trust our Congress and we can also trust Roberto Gonzalez with our freedom of speech and the head of the CIA they make good judgments I am sure as a court or judge might make in any civil matter or might that be considered under national security? I feel so violated!!!!

    Sorry we no longer have our civil liberties as they were given away recently,

    Vote for Kucinich is the only one who has a plan to end WTO and NAFTA and ending the war, universal health care for everyone!!!

    No More Nukes, No More Nukes, No More Nukes, No More Nukes, No More Nukes, No More Nukes,

    Namiste and peace,


    NOTICE: Due to ( U.S.) Presidential Executive Orders, the National
    Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or
    Notice, is in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

  5. In my opinion, the reason Reps and Senators are not backing impeachment is because the issue is not in the MSM. Look what NYT is doing to Dennish Kucinich. (Break through this so that the news is in the NYT and on the major news programs aon ALL the channels, and you will see the amazing hop-to energizer bunny motivated members of both Houses.)

    The New York Times “disappears” presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.
    Dennis Kucinich: Desaparecido! – The Smirking Chimp

    Dennis Kucinich: Desapparacido! by Dave Lindorff

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