In Praise Of “Sicko” But What Happens When The U.S. Healthcare System Dies? By Carolyn Baker

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By Carolyn Baker
Speaking Truth to Power
Sunday, 12 August 2007

It had to happen, but it took so long-indeed, too long, for a courageous filmmaker to rise up and put the abysmal U.S. healthcare system under a microscope in order to reveal how utterly pathological it has become. On one level, Moore repeated a blatant flaw in his craft so obvious in “Bowling For Columbine” and “Fahrenheit 911” in that he almost always fails to fully connect the dots and take his work to the next level, and “Sicko” was no exception. Nevertheless, the film left me laughing, cheering, and crying and particularly gleeful regarding memos sent by management throughout the Blue Cross system warning employees of the possible side-effects of “Sicko” on their company’s image. In the light of Moore’s impressive research and documentation, after listening to the film’s horror stories of patients raped by the “disease-care” system, after witnessing the confessions of former players in that system who have come clean and can only live with themselves by spilling their guts regarding the devious methods they used to keep the system intact and bloat its profits, after hearing the Oval Office conversation between Richard Nixon and John Ehrlichman in which the two salivated over the spoils guaranteed to the industry as a result of creating a sprawling network of HMO’s, after the poignant scenes near the movie’s end of real people-9/11 rescue workers, actually getting extraordinarily humane and completely free healthcare in Cuba, there is little left to say about the American system because one can only hold one’s nose and gasp for fresh air in face of the overpowering, nauseating stench of the most brutal medical industry on earth. I do not hesitate to label it unequivocally, pure evil.

Not only is the American disease-care industry the biggest rip-off of any healthcare system on earth, but it is being used to prop up an expiring economy because it creates jobs, and without those jobs, the U.S. unemployment rate, already fudged with bogus statistics, would immediately spike. Not only is U.S. healthcare devastating the lives of Americans who use it, but it is being manipulated to give the appearance of economic health in a code-blue economy now in collapse.

Moreover, unlike the healthcare systems of many developed countries, the American system gives much lip service to preventive medicine, but only about 1% of the American healthcare dollar goes to prevention programs and for one simple reason: Sickness is profitable, and prevention is not.


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3 thoughts on “In Praise Of “Sicko” But What Happens When The U.S. Healthcare System Dies? By Carolyn Baker

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  2. This is a thoughtful and beautifully written piece, for which I commend you, but I can’t share your disdain for voting, Ms. Baker. If we opt out of elections as “silly and useless,” then we’ve lost our last thread of hope. America was a very different place before the wretch Reagan and can be again.

    To my mind, wide acclaim for “Sicko” is one of many signs that we’re waking up from our national nightmare. Another is the number of us blogging and reading at sites like Lo’s. Yet another was the result of last year’s elections, even though the public will can’t be properly expressed in government until more Republicans are ousted.

    Assuming that Shrub and His Thugs don’t trump up some “emergency”, declare martial law and suspend the next elections, I believe we have a profound responsibility to turn out so overwhelmingly at the polls that another theft of the presidency can’t occur.

  3. Perhaps if we can get “our” government out of Privatized health care system. Allow Doctor’s to Practice their profession without Government intervention/oversight, we might just be able to afford real health care. Instead of heading to an emergency room, a little affordable preventive medicine would solve the problem. remove the restrictions on patients from using alternative medicines(without Patents’), oh sorry Big Pharm’s.

    Defeat consumerism, the Engine and Enabler of Death and Destruction.
    Rescind Nuisance Laws, True Fredom.
    VIVA FREEDOM ! Power to the People.

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