Drowning New Orleans: Washing Away the Black Vote by Greg Palast (audio link)

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by Greg Palast
August 17

“Do you know what the Bush Administration calls the survivors displaced from New Orleans? Democrats.”

There are still 89,000 families still imprisoned in FEMA’s aluminum Guantanamo – the mobile home gulag where Katrina’s survivors remained barred from returning to the Big Easy.

Hear the Palast Report on the untold story off the drowning of New Orleans – Air America’s ‘Clout’ with Richard Greene. Listen the broadcast here.

And for the untold story of how the White House drowned New Orleans, get Greg Palast’s, Big Easy to Big Empty, an investigation for Democracy Now! With Amy Goodman. Watch a segment here. or check it out on our YouTube page.

If you’d like to support the Palast Investigative Fund (501c-3 registered not-for-profit Foundation), you can buy the DVD of Big Easy to Big Empty here.

Listen Now:


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Missteps Found in Awarding Katrina Deals h/t: Malcolm

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