Hardball: Cheney Before He Got All Fogged Up with Ideology and Anger + Cheney vs Cheney (videos; updated)

Dandelion Salad

August 16, 2007


Updated: 08.17.07
A longer clip of same program.

Hardball: Cheney vs Cheney

August 17, 2007
From:  heathr234

A video of Dick Cheney from 1994 has … A video of Dick Cheney from 1994 has him contradicting himself about why we should or should not have gone into Iraq. Melanie Morgan proves once again that she’s willing to say anything or attack anyone to defend this administration when the “panel” of Morgan, Craig Crawford and Naomi Wolf discuss the matter. Morgan tells Matthews that he’s got a gleam in his eye while and just wants to attack Cheney and tells Wolf she’ll look great in a burka.

The Russians are Coming (video)

Dandelion Salad

August 16, 2007
From:  linktv

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THIS EPISODE: Mosaic Intelligence Report – August 16, 2007: Two weeks ago, when US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice unveiled plans to funnel a staggering quantity of US military aid to several countries in the Middle East, it spread like wild fire making headlines all over the world. Now it seems that Russia is moving its fleet to the Mediterranean.
Is this just a rumor?
And how will this affect Syria, Israel and Iran?

Answers to these questions and more on Link TV ‘s Mosaic Intelligence Report.