The 11th Hour Trailer (video)

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July 10, 2007
From: 11thhouraction

The 11th Hour is a new documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio about the state of humanity and the world. Join the action at
Film site:

2 thoughts on “The 11th Hour Trailer (video)

  1. Namiste,
    Wow I am really impressed!!!!

    I would have never have thought that Leonardo Decaprio was such a deep thinking and caring person about our world to fund and make this film himself. I was very impressed to see him in it very impressed. Now this really adds credence and viability to Al gores Movie and book!!!!

    The earth is worth saving we need to all go green!!!!!

    Do we even really have a working democracy here that is also a good question?

    Oh our great Congress and Senate of the US defenders of the Constitution…Where have you been? OH yeah off on a month long Vacation!!!

    Due to our Majority led Congress who decided right before they left on vacation to sign away our bill of rights and the US Constitution which they swore to uphold we no longer have the rights we used to have. We no longer have the checks and balances to the fear of propaganda of the evil terrorist regime. Yes we can Trust our Congress and we can also trust Roberto Gonzalez with our freedom of speech and the head of the CIA they make good judgments I am sure as a court or judge might make in any civil matter or might that be considered under national security? I feel so violated!!!!

    Sorry we no longer have our civil liberties as they were given away recently,

    Vote for Kucinich is the only one who has a plan to end WTO and NAFTA and ending the war, universal health care for everyone!!!

    No More Nukes, No More Nukes, No More Nukes, No More Nukes, No More Nukes, No More Nukes,

    Namiste and peace,

    NOTICE: Due to ( U.S.) Presidential Executive Orders, the National
    Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or
    Notice, is in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
    In case you can’t tell I am very angry and disappointed with our congress!!!!

  2. Looks interesting, sustanible energy, at least we could change the world, if only a litte.
    The need for coal, nuke, or oil plants, would decline.
    Brazil has done, though they have ruined the rain forest to do it, we have already ravaged America with the extinction of the Buffalo.
    A Public Utility Company, would actually be a Public Utility Company, and Affordable too.
    Resind Nuisance Laws, allow people to tinker again. We can’t do no worse than those in the know seem to know, or something.

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