‘What’s Wrong with America?’ by John Sweeney

Dandelion Salad

by John Sweeney
Posted August 17, 2007

Earlier this month, Steve Skvara, a disabled, retired steel worker who can’t afford his wife’s health care, shook the AFL-CIO’s Presidential Candidates Forum by asking tearfully, “What’s wrong with America?”

We should all be asking that question today.

We’ve got six coal miners trapped beneath more than 1,500 feet of Utah coal and rock, three brave men who struggled to rescue them are dead and six more are injured.

And it’s not because of an act of God. It’s because of the acts of man.

The disaster still unfolding at the Crandall Canyon mine did not have to happen. It was preventable–as were the deaths of 12 coal miners last year in the Sago Mine in West Virginia. As have been many, many more deaths of workers in America’s coal mines and factories, fishing vessels, offices and construction sites.


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2 thoughts on “‘What’s Wrong with America?’ by John Sweeney

  1. Dandelionsalad,
    I would assume the US has Health and Safety at Work Act as we do in the UK.
    It should therefore be a matter of compliance or retribution.

    The enfolding scenes of the mine disaster appear to be a fiasco. I speak as an ex-miner from Keresley Colliery in Coventry UK, one of the deepest shaft mines.

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