Project Management: Bushists Through the Looking-Glass on Iran Charges by Chris Floyd

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Written by Chris Floyd
Empire Burlesque
Sunday, 19 August 2007

“By indirection find direction out.” – Shakespeare

For several years I’ve been writing about facts that point to a disturbing but inescapable conclusion: that the Bush Administration has been fomenting sectarian and political violence in Iraq by arming – and in some cases, creating – militias, factions, terrorist groups, death squads and overt and covert “security forces.” [See Appendix below.] Based on reports taken from the publicly available sources, most often from Pentagon and White House officials, it is clear that over the course of the war, the groups thus supported and empowered by the Bush Administration have included practically every side in the kaleidoscopic conflict that has torn the conquered nation apart: Baathists, Shiites and Sunnis of various stripes, Kurds, tribes, spies, even a group of exiled Iranian cultists that Saddam Hussein had employed as brutal muscle in repressing his people.

The documentary evidence is there. And the intent of the Bush Administration in stimulating this horrific war of all-against-all seems clear: to “justify” the continuing presence of American troops and the resultant domination of the country. But of course, the actual motives behind this process are, ultimately, a matter of speculation for those outside the inner circle of the Washington warlords. We cannot delve into those dark hearts and clotted brains to speak with absolute certainty.

However, some confirmation of the conclusions drawn about the intent of the Administration’s policy did emerge this week, and from an unlikely source: Bush’s latest satrap in Baghdad, Ambassador Ryan Crocker.

In an interview with Reuters, Crocker was carrying water – or spears, as the case may be – for two major propaganda campaigns now being waged by his White House masters: first, the push to continue the escalation of the war in Iraq beyond the report on the “surge” that the White House itself will write in the name of its ballyhooed frontman, Gen. David Petraeus; and second, the accelerating drive to lay the groundwork for a new war against Iran.

Crocker  did not give away the Administration’s game on “fueling violence in Iraq” directly, of course. Instead, in a remarkable bit of projection, Crocker gave one of the best, most succinct encapsulations of the Bush Administration’s policy in Iraq that I’ve yet seen.


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