Dennis Kucinich weighs in after debate (video)

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August 19, 2007
From: IowaPoliticsDotCom

Iowa’s premier political news site: h… Iowa’s premier political news site:

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, stressed he was the Seabiscuit of the Democratic presidential horserace after the Aug. 19 debate in Des Moines.



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3 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich weighs in after debate (video)

  1. We are fortunate, in this time, to have a candidate like Dennis Kucinich.

    He anchors a singular thread from which dangles the idea that government can in good faith uphold the interest of the common good.

    Dennis remains unique in his unwavering alignment with the proper moral compass, evidenced with correct votes and historic drafts of pending law on record.

    And so right he is about things that “need to be gotten into” (HRES333 being one of them)!

    Dennis Kucinich is already a Hero.

  2. Namiste LO,

    Wow I sure hope that he wins and the TV media starts to give the person that should be our next president a fair chance and a fair platform from which he might be able to speak to all of the people not just the top ones that the media have chosen already for us!!

    Namiste and peace,


  3. I just love that man!!
    love his vision,
    love his plan to unify America
    Love his straight talk and the fact he is not a spin doctor
    love his pull out plan for Iraq
    love his health care plan
    love, love, love this man
    WE NEED CHANGE! Not more or the same ol same ol…

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