Boycott China Or Die! Chinese Airliner Burst Into Flames! (video)

Dandelion Salad

August 21, 2007



2 thoughts on “Boycott China Or Die! Chinese Airliner Burst Into Flames! (video)

  1. I also wonder how much info we get about China is Propaganda??

    So we stop buying their goods at the very same time our economy is plummeting.

    hmmm does that inturn encourage Americans to buy American products which in turn drives up our economy?? Even if its a little.. Our nation is in big trouble..
    What about the pesticides they ban in the USA and then we turn around and sell them to Mexico, then we turn around and buy produce back from Mexico… so doesnt that defeat the whole purpose of protecting our health??

  2. My son said he was in the terminal when this happened and missed it by just 20 minutes (not sure what that meant)… He said it was really scary.

    I wonder how much of this attention China is getting is just propaganda.. If every recall in the US got such national attention, they would have to wonder about our standards as well. Actually, I do wonder about our standards…

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