Worship Song – Marc Scibilia with Michael Tait – Live (music video)

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August 17, 2007
From: N8M2001

Live from the Fixity CD release conce… Live from the Fixity CD release concert – 8/15/07.

Marc Scibilia

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h/t: Brandt, The VW Evangelist

3 thoughts on “Worship Song – Marc Scibilia with Michael Tait – Live (music video)

  1. Thank-you for the reply ! Is any one studying the Torah,or talking to Michael about this ? It has been on my heart for 4 years…how about teaching him the Torah…then they could change the Name to D.T.Talk ! Decent Torah Talk !!! Talk about Rocking thw World for YHVH ,the Living Torah, YAHSHUA !!! Oh-Yeah !!! Come on now – others have died for this Name …too many…what will you do for the Name Above All others…??? Shalom – Sarah Kinder

  2. this worship song is for whom ? The G-d of Israel or the greek g-d zeus ? Yes,I suposs this is a very bold question, however,when a Jew hears the name Je-sus, this is what comes to mind, since the Name above every other Name is : Yahshua ! The Name given by His Abba…this makes sense since He came in His Abba’s Name – YHVH ! You must ask yourselves, do I serve a greek g-d, or a Hebrew G-d ? The G-d of Abraham,Isaac,and Jacob(Israel) ? The Torah was not done away with…Yashua said so in Mathew…He came to make it STAND UP ! He was the Torah-John 1:1-3 ! Study,study,study ! Shalom !

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