Why Cheney Really Is That Bad By Scott Ritter (must-read)

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By Scott Ritter
Aug. 23, 2007

Karl Rove, interchangeably known as “Boy Genius” or “Turd Blossom,” has left the White House. The press conference announcing his decision to resign has been given front-page treatment by most major media outlets, but the fact of the matter is the buzz surrounding Rove’s departure is much ado about nothing, especially in terms of coming to grips with the remaining 16 months of the worst presidency in the history of the United States.

Rove is a domestic political marauder, the personification of a conservative movement which lacks a moral compass and has a complete disregard for facts. The master of exploiting mainstream America’s predilection for news-as-entertainment, under which the likes of Rupert Murdoch can manufacture headlines out of thin air, Rove helped turn “fair and balanced” into a national joke which everyone laughs at but few actually comprehend. Rove served as the maestro of a political-smear orchestra composed of such intellectually challenged muckrakers as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, manipulating the NASCAR/professional wrestling crowd’s addiction to seedy gossip in an effort to maintain the all-important 51 percent majority needed to win elections.

Perhaps if the Democratic Party had possessed a semblance of organization and cohesion (not to mention a post-Clinton message that could be sold to a majority of America), then Rove would be but a footnote in history, known simply as the man who helped the worst governor in the history of Texas get elected. Even the self-destructive campaign run by Al Gore in 2000, in which he distanced himself from a sitting president who, despite all of his faults, would have defeated Bush in a landslide if the Constitution permitted a third term, was enough to deny Rove his beloved 51 percent—it was Gore, not Bush, who won the majority of votes in that contest. It took a Republican governor of Florida, backed by a compliant Supreme Court, to put George W. Bush into the White House, not any genius on the part of Rove.


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2 thoughts on “Why Cheney Really Is That Bad By Scott Ritter (must-read)

  1. The wheels of justice don’t stop rolling when you leave office Mr. Cheney. You WILL pay for your crimes against the people of Iraq. If these people think they can ride off into the sunset they are mistaken. No more hiding behind rich inbred realtives George. You WILL answer to the American people!

  2. While he’s dead on, he waits far too long into the article to talk about Cheney. He gives a lot of information about Rove and the flaws of the Democrats, but very little about Cheney. There’s lots of sauce on this spaghetti but I am looking for the speecie-spicy meat-a-ball and not finding any. The recent bulletin from Patriots Speak Out on MySpace (mentioning the Sonoma study and the censoring of the Kucinich poll on ABC) had a lot more substance.

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