Bill Maher: New Rules By Manila Ryce (video) (updated with new video)

(Note: the last video was removed by the uploader, so here it is thanks to Manila Ryce, The Largest Minority.)

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Real Time with Bill Maher 08/24/07 – Mother Theresa, Iraq, and China

By Manila Ryce

The Largest Minority
Published Saturday, August 25th, 2007, 5:14 pm

With newly published personal writings giving Mother Theresa a more human appearance, Maher takes the opportunity to address the unrelenting chip on his shoulder. Tim Robbins and Michel Martin corrected Maher by explaining that doubt is not the opposite of faith, but rather a necessary element of faith. Doubt and disbelief are two different things.

Afterwards, Maher presents us with some long-awaited New Rules. The final rule is regarding China, which is now ironically more of a right-libertarian paradise than a communist one as its economy drives the nation without the burden of government regulation. Maher connects their lack of government-imposed manufacturing standards to our own lack of self-imposed moral standards.

2 thoughts on “Bill Maher: New Rules By Manila Ryce (video) (updated with new video)

  1. Egh, I don’t think the new rules were as good as usual.

    I have not missed a Bill Maher show since the year 2000, so of course I had to watch the newest episode of Real Time on HBO. Being a libertarian, I rarely agree with what Maher says, but he is funny and I enjoy being entertained. Surprisingly, the debate on his most recent show was filled with intellectual honesty.

    You can read my Review of the New Season’s First Episode at Copious Dissent – Your Daily Dose of Liberty

  2. “We the People…”, have no Right to view such Hericey, an informed people are a Dangerous people. N.C.L.Behind the Government sponsored dumbing down of y”our” children.
    Legislate to Educate, not to Incarcerate.

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