Exclusive Report: “CHILL OUT, GOD’S WARRIORS, HAVE A BEER!” by William Mac

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by William Mac
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August 26, 2007


Apparently the world is in complete turmoil, and the eloquent CNN lady tells me that it’s largely due to religion. I can’t believe it, Jesus Christ! Whoops, I mean: goddamnit!… oh shit; now the men in the sky have another reason to send me to hell. I better write this quick, I hear thunder outside. Just watching some of these stories about “God’s Warriors” makes me sick with the plague. One preacher man says that Christians and Jews serve good religions that are full of life and goodness, but that the Muslim religion is a religion of death and destruction “much like the pagan religion” he says “and they worshipped Satan”. Yes, a religion that wasn’t actually a religion, and that predates all other religions by thousands of years, A.K.A “The Pagans” – which were a people not a belief system – somehow worship Satan, whom they had no concept of, just like the Muslim religion does today… which they actually don’t. So… we’re spending time making a show about this? Worse yet, we’re taking it seriously? We’re literally causing mayhem and ruckus all throughout the world due to a number of insane belief systems headed up and herded by men and women who have no concept of history or education, and this is what has, and currently is causing wars, mass hysteria, fear in the streets, terrorism, dissent among nations and people in those nations, and lack of education among young people and previously logical adults. Got it!

Another preacher man tells me “we need to have America as one nation under God again!” Yet, we were never a nation under god, we were a government under the people, and a system separate from whatever god you want to serve. The Treaty of Tripoli, which was signed by the president and ratified by Congress in 1796 states “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion” and that “it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of harmony existing between the two countries.” And, let us not forget the first amendment which states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” So, when the preacher man tells me that we need to be one nation under god, I figure he’d know that we are historically not a nation under any god in any sense, and that the line in the Pledge of Allegiance which states “one nation under god” wasn’t added into the pledge until the late 1950s by a bunch of militant Catholics calling themselves “The Knights of Columbus”.

These religions are tearing our world a part, and the leaders of those religions are doing everything from flirting to fornicating with politics. Soon it turns into a whole lot of mislead, dumbed down, un-educated followers and a whole lot of rich, deal making, blasphemous religious leaders who are in it for, what else, the money. Yet, all it would take to solve these problems is to know the facts, the facts of history. The Bible is nothing more than a plagiarism of thousands of other texts predating the Christian religion by thousands of years. Jesus probably never existed because there is no evidence to support it, and the story of Jesus is another plagiarism, because there are over 100 other gods including Shiva, Dionysus, Krishna, Huron, and Osiris who were born of a virgin on December 25 under the Eastern star (Sirius), had 12 disciples (representing 12 figures of the zodiac), died on a cross at the same time Jesus was said to have died, and rose three days later to ascend into heaven, and all of them predate Christianity by anywhere from 200 to 1500 years. Those are the facts, and they cannot be disputed. Jesus, and the entire Bible for that matter, is nothing more than a copy of all of the religions that Christians consider Satanic. In fact, the Pagans were the first to come up with all of this jazz because, you see, all of these names and gods and figures are just names for astrological events, and that is how all of this hoopla began.

Furthermore, all of this religious jazz, in all spectrums and for all current warring religions, can be easily debunked by what are called “The Sumerian Tablets” which were found in 1850 about 250 miles from Baghdad, Iraq by Sir Austen Henry Layard. There are numerous books detailing exactly what these tablets say, and books explaining the tablets in detail, and you would think they were kind of important since these cuneiform tablets are the OLDEST writings from the OLDEST historical civilization: The Sumerians. These tablets say that the Annunaki, which translates as “those who from heaven came to earth” came here from another planet, in a space ship, and bio-engineered humans. What? Am I kidding? Nope, it says it… go read a book once in a while. Not only that, but the symbols used in this ancient culture were adopted by all other cultures, including the zodiac, including the trinity used by Christians, including the crescent moon and star used by Muslims, including the “star of David” (which isn’t the star of David) used by Jews, and including the cross used by Christians. Since most of you are probably more familiar with the cross, I’ll tell you right now that the Sumerians used the cross for the zodiac, and it was a respected symbol, but they also used the cross to signify the passage of the Annunaki from their home planet to earth. And, I would sort of have to listen to a people that knew all about our solar system down to the very last little calculation and planet thousands upon thousands of years before we went up there with our machines and found out about them… which was what? About 60 years ago.

All of these people who are serving under these religious beliefs are ill-informed, un-educated, and literally lost in translation. The facts are in, all of these religions are exactly the same, except they have minor itty-bitty differences that were thrown in there from later societies in order to make these already established stories and beliefs of the world and studies of astrology fit them personally by adopting what they liked the best. The facts are, that the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims and their symbols, and stories, and texts are all spurned and copied from the Sumerian story of creation, as well as the Egyptians. These people are warring and arguing over something that does not matter, and I think it is appalling, and utterly ridiculous that man be demoted to a beast in the light and passionate fervor of imaginary gods, imaginary beliefs based off of nothing but bad translation, and the promise of heaven. Heaven may be all well and good, but I’d rather have it here first. No one deserves to go to the heaven they have created in their minds, if they cannot first live in a world peacefully and productively with each other.

People are yelling. People are waving their hands around. People are chanting. People are arguing with holy books in hand. People are warring and shooting and stabbing and taunting and looking for the holy one to float down from the sky and save them from their own self-perpetuated stupidity. Well, if and when the ol’ man in the sky comes down, I have a feeling he’ll say “chill out, have a beer or something…Jesus Christ, and read a book while you’re at it… you’ve been screwing up the whole goddamned thing. Tell you what, take my advice, and I’ll see you in about 3,000 years.” Selah.


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12 thoughts on “Exclusive Report: “CHILL OUT, GOD’S WARRIORS, HAVE A BEER!” by William Mac

  1. Assytole,

    I dig Monty Python.

    Listen, it concerns me badly that both you and Shaine would think, and seriously voice that you would rather follow a leader. Furthermore, it worries me to the point of nail biting that someone could consider a leader incorruptable to the point of blind submission and mindless tagging along. And the worst part I think, is when you mentioned “self thinking most certainly leads to weakness in society”; on the contrary, self thinking leads to the greatest and loftiest form of strength and unity and power among people over tyrannical governments.

    So, I’m not trying to lead anyone anywhere. I’m only trying to encourage that people stop being followers, and start being self-starters. I want people to think, and consider, and question and prevent corruption and tyranny within government. We are a community, and a community helps each other out, but they certainly don’t follow an appointed leader. A community is a group effort, and that is what we all are: a group effort. We all have things that the other does not, and everyone else has something that we do not, and we can all band together into something strong, yet individual. And, without educating yourself then you are open and vulnerable to attack by those who would seek to rule over your ignorance. Education is a form of protection.

    On my website I wrote the following, and I think it sums up what I’m trying to illustrate here
    ( http://william-mac.com/blog/?cat=4):

    “One of my favorite founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, once wrote a bill called “Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge” and one of the quotes from this Bill is as follows: “Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms [of government], those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny; and it is believed that the most effectual means of preventing this would be, to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large, and more especially to give them knowledge of those facts, which history exhibiteth, that possessed thereby of the experience of other ages and countries, they may be enabled to know ambition under all its shapes, and prompt them to exert their natural powers to defeat its purposes.”

    Thomas Jefferson says that the education of the people is what prevents tyranny, of which he illustrates is an inevitable temptation for those in power who run even the greatest government “those entrusted with power” and who will always “in time, and by slow operations, [pervert that government] into tyranny”.

    Thomas Jefferson understood that tyranny is a temptation to all who are in power. He also understood that the main purpose and reason for education was not training for a particular job, but more so that the people would be able to keep control over their government. For in a democracy, if people are not educated in what is going on in their government, and the world, that government is then left to do whatever its’ rulers in power wish to do – because the people are not paying attention, and because the people are ignorant. Therefore, the people (in this case the American people) can be lied to, especially when the majority will not ask questions; the most dangerous thing is for the majority not to ask questions, and not to pay attention. In a democracy, even a representative democracy such as ours, the people should have control. Is this not the entire point? The government should be afraid of the power of the people, not the inverse.”

  2. Thanks, everyone for your comments, and opinions on this topic.

    Personally, I believe that those in power (govts/nations) will do anything to keep it including using religion to get the masses to support aggression/war/invasions, etc.

    “Amor vincit omnia – Love conquers all.” (Virgil)

    Who would Jesus bomb? Really? It goes against everything He said. God wants us to love everyone, including our enemies.

  3. Shaine,

    You are very right. We are passive followers simply because we don’t actively resist the flow. We wait for a “hero” to take a stand and change the current…
    Frighteningly, the ‘sane’ quiet masses who are not extremists nor fanatics (in every group, religion or nation) at these times have no such leader.
    The only places one can develop are those fundamentalist groups, which have the basic hierarchy for it. So we settle for our temporal convenience, because we are too weak anyway. At least I am.
    And I am very frustrated about it.

    Thanks for the long response. I appreciate your blog and website, and the fact that you try to be heard in your own way. That takes courage and self search, and naturally people (like myself..) who are subconsciously looking for a direction are glad to have someone else thinking for them. This way, if you are being heard, we quickly reach the level Shaine was talking about and you probably have some followers yourself (heck, even me:) ). Isn’t this scary?

    Where are you trying to lead the ones you tell to be educated and think for themselves..? 🙂
    I am new to this, if I knew how to embed a ‘youtube’ video I’d put in Monty Python talking about individuality just about now.

    Self thinking most certainly leads to weakness as a society, so what is best? Open Source nations are (wonderfully) uncontrollable… is the world ready for this? I know my country isn’t, and so are our neighbors. Can’t afford that at this political era.

    Am I ready for this…? Does it matter?



  4. I am a little intimidated by this debate. I agree that religion is bogus. I also realize that we (the people of the world) are being manipulated by the “man.”

    Education is great as far as it goes, but then the “educated” become an elite group preaching to the choir.

    What is needed is a true leader of the “educated” to show the rest of us a way out of the quagmire, someone we can united behind and follow, someone incorruptible and noble.

    I’ve always thought of myself as being “independent,” not a follower, yet at the same time, I and millions of others, are not true leaders.

  5. Asystole,

    I am not offering to do anything that I have not already done myself. However, I am encouraging that people try to educate themselves over and above that of blind submission to news media, school curriculums, or, in this case, religion.

    Education is very important, and I’m not speaking of the kind you get in schools or churches. I’m talking about the education that people willingly seek out themselves, and on their own. And, as people educate themselves they will begin understanding that much of what we were taught, and the lack thereof, is useless and detrimental to us as a global community. Therefore, in order to be a community more closely knit and without too much bias or disdain, education will help us realize our similarities, and also help us not repeat the past.

    Through my writings and videos I am taking up an active role in my generation, my government, and my yearning for a more peaceful society. And I am doing so with complete un-doubtfulness on behalf of my own actions. After all, as the proverbial saying goes “practice what you preach.”

    As far as war is concerned. Yes, it reaches much more wide and far than religion. In fact, it can be traced back to corporations and a few families consumed with economic greed. However, religion is a tool of disdain for these “higher ups”, and they use it wonderfully, and effectively.

    While people are busy thinking that a war they are fighting is a war based upon morals and religion, they will be ignoring the facts that it is something much more sinister. So, if we are ever to solve the problem of continuing centralization of power, then we must first realize that we are first and foremost human beings, and that we as human beings want essentially the same things and that is to be free, independent, secure, happy, loved, peaceful, and without devastation, conflict, war, or disdain among ourselves, our neighbors, our fellow brethren, or our fellow countries.

    When we realize that we are not seperate by belief or by culture or even necessarily by race, then we realize that we are warring and combatting and yelling and angry for nothing at all besides the simple fact that we are offended that someone else is offended by whatever belief we have. When we solve this problem by the indisputable education that is out there, then we can band together to fix the bigger problem, and that is the overbearing proverbial “Man” who seeks to make us downtrodden and divided. Besides, “divide and conquer” is the motto, and we seem to be playing right into the plan like a drunken dream.


  6. War has little to do with religion, race or ethnic groups. Written rules (= organized religion/ state / social network) are always just the excuse when someone breaks the unwritten ones of being human.

    One thing leads to another, and whole wars continue because of hatred and political mess – in a circle.

    And it seems that it doesn’t really matter weather we are aware of that or not – it happens anyway, and washes us all into it.

    I agree with some of what you said – but what are you offering to do?


  7. Dilbertarian,

    Perhaps you should do a little more research. Muslims have murdered quite a bit of people throughout history, and have sought to take over territory by conquest (which they succeeded out greatly at one point in history) and have killed many thousands upon thousands of people. Not only that, but Muslims have also forced many cultures whom they conquered to convert to their religion or die. These are historical facts, and they cannot be argued with. If you wish to see the proof, just ask me.

    So, we should not blame one religion over another. No, not at all. We should only seek education and real understanding that is unbiased and absent of religious miss-communication.

    That fact is that the three main religions (Jewish, Christian, and Muslim) have participated in the exact same routines, and you certainly can’t blame the followers in my opinion… or at least not most of them.

    You say Christians suck, well… I say the act of missleading people via religion and the implementation of un-educated pastors and leaders of those religions suck. And THAT goes for all religions.

    the main point of this article was to plea for people to be educated, and you most certainly need to do so. Before you throw out any kind of accusation, it’s important to first know the facts from all facets and sides of the situation before forming an opinion.

    No one should form an opinion on something unless they can cite the reasons why they arrived at that opinion. This is very important for everyone’s well being.


  8. I haven’t seen all the episodes yet but I can tell you this- the whole argument that Muslims religion is inherently bent on destroying in the world becomes a ridiculous hilarious joke when you simply do the math on the body count of the Catholic Church and how many people they have brutally murdered in the name of the “prince of peace”. No one religion has butchered more innocents in the name of their “god”. PERIOD> Christians SUCK.

  9. Bully for you, brother. I think everybody just needs to either chill the fuck out or get all fired up, whatever their particular hang up is.

  10. “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!” is my comment. Please consider Jesus and His Words even though religion has made a mockery of them throughout the last 2 thousand years.

  11. If you actually want to start wars, filling peoples’ minds full of hate nonsense has proven successful in the past : this is just the media manipulating edition. “Prince of Peace” version of Crusades ?

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