Letterman: Gonzales stepping down but ‘can’t recall’ why (video link)

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David Edwards and Jason Rhyne
Raw Story
Published: Tuesday August 28, 2007

The Alberto Gonzales resignation provided the inevitable subject of David Letterman’s top ten list– and a good bit of quip fodder for his opening monologue–on Monday evening’s installment of CBS’s Late Show.

“Beautiful, beautiful day here in New York City,” said Letterman at the top of the progam. “So nice that Alberto Gonzales was happy to be out of work.”

“By the way,” the host zinged a moment later, “during that last joke another cabinet member resigned.”

Still zeroed-in on the attorney general, Letterman deadpanned “Alberto Gonzales is stepping down–but he can’t recall why,” adding “but actually, he will be replaced by Drew Carey,” as band-leader Paul Shaffer struck up the Price is Right game show theme.

Later, in the show’s signature feature, Letterman rattled off the top ten reasons Alberto Gonzales resigned, including “Felt he wasn’t incompetent enough for the Bush administration,” and “Didn’t want to be around for transition to the Kucinich administration.”

The following video is from CBS’s Late Show, broadcast on August 27.

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