Why Kucinich Is The Best Candidate (video; health care)

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Aug. 28, 2007

Dennis Kucinich on his Universal Heal…

Dennis Kucinich on his Universal Healthcare plan. http://kucinich.us 

h/t: Dennis 4 President in 2008!

11 thoughts on “Why Kucinich Is The Best Candidate (video; health care)

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  5. anyone who thinks we can sustain kucinich’s policies in the long-term needs a reality check.

    our greatest threat, at the moment, comes not from terrorism or lack of health coverage or global warming–but from our low-growth high-inflation economy, which is just about ready to collapse 1930’s style, due, once again, to the booms and busts created by the federal reserve and our keynesian interventionist fiscal/government policies.

    please watch the following video and try to understand why ron paul (who is a scholar of the austrian school) is the only candidate who has the economic expertise to get us out of this mess. then, perhaps, we can talk about affordable health care. but this issue needs to be addressed first and foremost.


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