Strippers for Ron Paul! Interview (video; Libertarianism)

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2 thoughts on “Strippers for Ron Paul! Interview (video; Libertarianism)

  1. I love it when war mongers whip out that L word when they want to sound like Constitutionalist Americans. “I never supported self determination for the Iraqi people.” – Tucker Carlson

    “Strippers for Ron Paul? Methinks his wife might take exception to that. lol

    I’m glad she’s supporting him. Just don’t get all smutty. lol

  2. Ron Paul is definitely not a by the book Republican but anyone who realizes that human beings have rights and that immigrants illegal or not are human beings needs to go with Kucinich, as Ron Paul’s immigration policies are not compatible with human liberties.

    Everyone has a right to show their support for their chosen candidate including strippers so that aspect of the video is good.

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