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Aug. 29, 2007

I’m having a major problem with terminology lately. And I am sure I’m not the only one having this problem, and more than likely not the only one who has written about it.

According to the dictionary I have available, Insurgency or insurrection is an armed uprising against an established civil or political authority, and persons engaging in an insurgency are Insurgents.

Iraq had an established political authority. The US and allied forces invaded Iraq and imposed a government on it. It was not an established political authority. It was forced down the throat of the people of Iraq.

How can the people opposing this imposition be termed Insurgents?

Why are they not called “Freedom Fighters” as Ronald Reagan called the Insurgents that fought against the newly and freely established political authority of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua?

It almost slipped my mind. The Sandinistas were “communists.”

Communism has never worked anywhere, except in China, Vietnam, Russia, North Korea and elsewhere.

But that’s unimportant. Communism is inherently evil. They are plotting to take out the rest of the world with nuclear weapons.

Irregardless of the fact that the only country to have ever used an atomic weapon is the united States of The Military-Industrial Complex

The “Insurgent” action in Iraq is akin to the founders of the United States of America opposing the foreign power of the British and King George.

I forgot. King George is still around.

Except for the fact that the British King George had more of a right to be in the United States than the United States has to be in Iraq. After all, the United States was at one time a colony of Britain.

Iraq is nothing to the United States except a case of, “What is our oil doing under your sand?”

It would seem that the oil companies want to keep us in Iraq to keep “our oil” under their sand.

It is more valuable that way. The oil companies make more money now than they ever have.

If the oil reserves in Iraq (the second largest known oil reserve in the world) are extracted, the price of oil will plummet.

Heaven forbid!

Profits would fall!

We must maintain an eternal presence in Iraq, less they sort things out among themselves and start extracting this extremely disruptive oil reserve.

The only candidate currently running for the nomination for president among the Republicrats that understands this is Kucinich.
He actually has a grasp of the facts, and is not paying lip service to every constituency imaginable.

He needs everyone’s support.

Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Paul are strictly a continuation of the present regime — Republicrats everyone.

Kucinich is the only “Real” Democrat.


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  3. Freaky stuff Lo, makes ya kinda wonder.
    Evict all Incumbants ’08(your Rep.’s too), a government by and for the people.
    Elect a person that understands the words Freedom for all.
    Vote by Absentee Ballot, No-morph, No-caging.

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