American Nightmare: Gonzales “wrong and illegal and unethical” by Greg Palast

Dandelion Salad

by Greg Palast
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

“What I’ve experienced in the last six months is the ugly side of the American dream.”Last month, David Iglesias and I were looking out at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island where his dad had entered the US from Panama decades ago. It was a hard moment for the military lawyer who, immediately after Attorney General Alberto Gonzales fired Iglesias as US Attorney for New Mexico, returned to active military duty as a Naval Reserve JAG.

Captain Iglesias, cool and circumspect, added something I didn’t expect:

“They misjudged my character, I mean they really thought I was just going to roll over and give them what they wanted and when I didn’t, that I’d go away quietly but I just couldn’t do that. You know US Attorneys and the Justice Department have a history of not taking into consideration partisan politics. That should not be a factor. And what they tried to do is just wrong and illegal and unethical.”

When a federal prosecutor says something is illegal, it’s not just small talk. And the illegality wasn’t small. It’s called, “obstruction of justice,” and it’s a felony crime.


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One thought on “American Nightmare: Gonzales “wrong and illegal and unethical” by Greg Palast

  1. “We the People…”, need David Iglesias either to be the Attorney General, or President ?
    Stranger thing have happened to common people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and put at Great Personal Risk, to change History. Some were Good, and some were Bad.

    Stop the Hypocritical, Cavalier, Capitalistic, Chauvinistic, Marshalistic oppression of the People. We also have right to see justice done.
    “We the People…”, need Closure too.

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