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Aug. 30, 2007

The Bush Administration (business led Regime) has recently come out in favor of producing ethanol as in alternative fuel.

Brazil is the leading country in the production of ethanol where it is produced from sugar cane, a natural crop their that requires little if any fertilizer, pesticide or insecticide.

In the United States ethanol will be produced from corn. A crop that requires a great deal of soil destroying fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.

Since the current administration has come out in favor of ethanol production the price of corn has soared.

A huge amount of very marginal acreage is currently being planted to corn.

World corn prices have rocketed, aggravating marginal third world economies and creating widespread hunger among the world’s poor.

It is patently obvious that alternative fuels and methods of energy generation are needed in today’s world, but at what price?

*Starving the world’s poor.

*Destroying what is left of America’s topsoil.

To produce crops in the USA, larger and larger amounts of petro-chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides are needed.

Over the past 50 years great damage has been down to the American topsoil. In 1932 a study commissioned by the United States Department of Agriculture advised that the country’s topsoil had been greatly damaged, and that efforts had to be made to restore it.

That study was done 75 years ago, and nothing has been done to help restore the nation’s topsoil. It has traveled a fast down hill course to the sorry state that it is in today.

Now with the call for ethanol the rate of damage will be greatly accelerated.

The last straw would be to convert tens of millions acres to grow enough corn and canola (and resultant ethanol) to fuel a very small percentage of our cars.

In addition to the damage to our delicate and now very limited topsoil, massive amounts of energy are needed to produce ethanol.

The trade-off in energy alone is not worth it.

This insult to our soil could prove devastating and leave vast regions of the country dry, barren and totally unproductive.

This could quite easily cause massive food shortages in the United States and around the world.

The United States topsoil must be nurtured and enhanced as it never has been before except for a handful of organically minded farmers.

We now live in a devastating time of nutrient killing corporate farms which are subsidized by the US Federal government to the tune of billions.

Topsoil must not be ravaged and devitalized to produce a band-aid fix for our energy needs which primarily benefits large corporations and distracts the populace from the problems of Iraq and the hegemony doctrine of the United States of Corporate America.


Terminology? by Guadamour (Kucinich)

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  1. Use to have a natural fertilizing machines, but “we” killed them off(buffalo).
    Allow farmers to ability to grow Hemp.
    A Renewable and Resilient Resource. Many, many uses.
    Rescind Nuisance Laws, allow People to Tinker. the Wright Bros., Edison, Ford, Etcetera.., are prohibited by Laws of perception. If “I” don’t understand “it”, “it” must be wrong, great Nurturing process.
    Evict all Incumbants ’08, clean house.

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