Iraqi Refugee Camps Overflowing Turning People Away (video)

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2 thoughts on “Iraqi Refugee Camps Overflowing Turning People Away (video)

  1. Taking in Iraqi refugees is the best thing to do after the war in Iraq. USA is responsible for these people. They should take them in. However, they should have planned this thing more carefully as they should have recognized the natural reaction of these desperate Iraqis to this “wonderful”opportunity to leave their war-torn country and live. But the process is painstakingly slow. And Iraqis are losing hope.

  2. Refugee camp, sound almost stomach-able, if it weren’t so putrid.
    Good will to man ?
    How do ya Profit from that ?
    Monetarily, or Spiritually ?
    This is the real Question. Easier for a camel to go threw the eye of a needle, than a rich man to get to Heaven. Think of your souls.
    Eternity, an ant walking a path around a diamond the size of the earth, until this diamond splits in two from wear, and that will almost be the first day.

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