Sen. Mike Gravel on Immigration (video)


On C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ Mike shares his opinion on illegal immigration, and his solution to such.

3 thoughts on “Sen. Mike Gravel on Immigration (video)

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  2. Mr gavel anmiste,

    I would think that instead of NAFTA and the people that are here illegally maybe they should be Piceting and making changes in their own countries first as a suggestion and if they wish to mimmigrate here maybe they could do that legally Hopefully if that is possible. NAFTA was only to make the rich in this country richer it wasn’t a move to help out Canada or Mexico it was only to screw over the American worker and Make the rich richer and to make the US to only have two classes of people the upper class and the poor no more middle class. That was what NAFTA and WTO is all about is it not relaly?

    Republians loved breaking the Labor unions power bases and exploting all labor to where no one has insurance or any workers rights or decient wages…. Liveable wages for any one any more…. No more real American Dream but for the select Few!!!!!

    Namiste and peace,


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